Japanese train stuck between stations following accident gets temporary in-carriage bathroom tent

Because even if the train wasn’t moving, some passengers had to go.

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Smartphone app finds empty restroom stalls in Tokyo subway station, makes pooing easier than ever

Because the last thing you want to do is wander through one of Tokyo’s massive stations while trying to hold in a dump.

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One of Japan’s best ramen chains has secret toilet paper stash in restrooms for emergency pooping

Here’s where to find the hidden reserve that could save your butt.

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Is it OK for men cosplaying as women to use the women’s restroom in Japan? Twitter debates

Chance encounter with crossplayer at fan event prompts poll with near-unanimous response.

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Is Japan’s custom of folding the toilet paper into a triangle for the next user unsanitary?

Sure, it looks nice, but at least one hospital thinks it’s hiding a gross, unhealthy secret.

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New Zelda speaker sensors make every trip to the bathroom a Hyrulian adventure【Videos】

Nintendo fans set up the gadgets to play Zelda’s iconic “secret” and “treasure” music, and the results are awesome.

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Osaka convenience store asks customers to muffle their “buree-buree” sounds while in the toilet

Request met with mixed reaction from praising its frankness to pointing out the impossibility of it.

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Awesome Japanese ramen restaurant has the Batcave of bathrooms【Video】

This must be how Bruce Wayne secretly uses the bathroom after eating his noodles.

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Japanese Twitter user spends eight years stacking toilet paper cores, completes entire wall

“It looks like a beehive!”

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Japanese homebuyer finds a disturbingly weird problem with his new bathroom

This setup doesn’t look like it’s designed for normal pooping practices.

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Barely-legal bathroom signs confuse and amuse Japanese Twitter

“Why are the bathroom signs a pair of scissors and a fish?”

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Evolving with the times – pachinko parlors in Japan are changing to better serve their clientele

If smoke-filled rooms, loud noises and low win rates weren’t enticing you to go, there might actually be a few reasons to visit one now!

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Survey reveals disturbing statistics about if Japanese people wash hands after going to bathroom

Young women found to be surprisingly blasé about using soap.

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World’s holiest toilet found in Japan – shines heavenly light and sings “Hallelujah” 【Video】

Let’s just hope that’s not where holy water comes from.

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New Japanese toilet paper dispenser tears off sheets, folds the ends into a point for you【Video】

With their heated seats, hidden sensors and warm water cleansing systems, Japanese toilets are used to being the centre of attention in hotel bathrooms, public restrooms and ordinary residences all around the country.

Now its time for their next-of-kin to get an upgrade, with a new machine set to revolutionise toilet paper dispensers, making it possible to automatically cut sheets and even fold the final edge into a neat little triangle for the next person to use.

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Open stall indicators, fresh flowers, and the superb cleanliness of a Japanese highway restroom

On long car trips in the U.S., I didn’t really find the prospect of using a highway rest stop bathroom significantly more appealing than just holding it until I got to my destination, whether that meant waiting until the next city or the next state. Honestly, given how filthy a lot of the public toilets were, I was generally happier with a deserted stretch of road or a grove of trees I could pull over near.

In Japan, though, it’s a different story, as this video of a rest stop bathroom shows it to be cleaner and classier than the one in many people’s homes.

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What do toilets the world over look like? Check out this video to find out 【Video】

Love and music may not have borders, but neither do other universal concepts like the call of nature.

Although Japan is famous for its modern toilet technology (there’s even a museum now), many non-Eastern Asians are often taken aback when they visit the country and have their first encounter with the older, squatting kind. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they’re a staple in most Japanese schools, parks, and stations.

The fact that there’s such a gap in modern toilet technology got us curious about how toilet models and their degree of upkeep varies worldwide, and fortunately one brave soul has gone through the trouble of filming bathrooms across the globe to answer this very question.
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Clever bathroom graffiti explains why smoking in the boys’ room is grossly inconsiderate

At my old job, my coworkers and I shared bathrooms with a half-dozen or so other companies that had offices in our building. For the most part, the men’s room stayed relatively clean, but about once a week, I’d walk into one of the stalls and find a pile of cigarette ashes on the floor.

Frankly, it was disgusting and exasperating, especially since the building had a smoking lounge. But hey, I guess the perpetrator who couldn’t resist the self-pleasing siren song of simultaneously taking a puff and a dump didn’t see what the big deal was. Here with a handy explanation, though, is some surprisingly wise Japanese bathroom graffiti.

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