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Ben & Jerry’s releases Japan-exclusive Lemont. Fuji, made with Japanese-sourced ingredients

Since coming to Japan, American ice cream outfit Ben & Jerry’s has been slowly but surely building up its fanbase. But while its high quality ice cream tastes as good in Japan as it does in the company’s home country, the humor behind its pun-filled names for its signature flavors doesn’t always translate.

As such, we’re not sure how many people will get the joke about Ben & Jerry’s newest Japan-exclusive flavor, Lemont. Fuji, but once they get a look at the mouth-watering, Japanese-sourced ingredients, we’re sure plenty of them will want to try it.

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Say Goodbye, Japan — Häagen-Dazs to Close Last Store on April 25

Sorry guys, but no more pick-and-mix cups, cones or parfaits of tantalizingly delicious Häagen-Dazs ice cream will be available in Japan as of Friday, the last of the well-known brand’s outlets is scheduled to close up on April 25.

Though you’ll no longer be able mix your favorite flavors into a cup of scrumptiousness at a Häagen-Dazs-branded shop, the purveyor of pleasurable experiences (or so the ads tell us) will continue to sell pre-packaged offerings at convenience stores and supermarkets throughout the country.

So I can still get Häagen-Dazs at the supermarket, what’s the big deal you ask? Well, the brick-and-mortar locations carried flavors and creations not available in off-the-shelf form.
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No Ice Cream For You! Keep Others’ Hands Off with Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock

If you haven’t had it happen to you yet, statistically speaking, at some point in your life you will fall victim to someone eating your ice cream. Your. Ice. Cream! Avoid such a tragedy with Ben & Jerry’s Euphori-Lock, a combination lock that fits on to pint cartons of ice cream, available for under $7 (US). Basically, it’s a two-part plastic security ring that slips around the upper lid.

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