Harness the Power of FIRE!!! …to Charge Your Smartphone

Strong opposition to the use of nuclear reactors has put pressure on scientists to find a replacement for atomic energy.  In the past, scientists attempted to harness the energy generated by rush hour traffic, pedaling a bicycle, and many other creative sources.  In our never-ending quest for power, a bicycle that charges your smartphone was even developed, allowing consumers to charge their phone while they pedal.

A new innovation in energy generation is here.  BioLite Camp Stove is a biomass burning stove that can cook food while charging small electronic devices.

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Microbes Were Through with the Internet Before We Knew What to Do With It According to Researchers at Tokyo University

We humans tend to get a little full of ourselves at the top of the food chain.  Sitting at our computers or flinging angry birds around with the flick of a finger, we tend to forget the powerful creatures that escape our sight.

For example, under our feet live two microorganisms that have been sending emails for millions of years before we could wrap our primate brains around the concept.  In fact Tokyo University researchers have only recently discovered these things named Geobacter and Thiobacillus.

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