Clever Kimonoket combines the style of a kimono with the coziness of a sleeveless blanket

Samurai-style Snuggie seeks to help travelers fly in comfort.

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Japanese Twitter user shares lifehack for easing lower back pain using a blanket

Simple, speedy solution touted as just the thing to prevent backaches while watching movies.

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Baby boy has a perfectly good reason for being mesmerized by sexy anime girl blanket

Otakuism is apparently hereditary, and especially strong in the bloodline of anime industry professionals.

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Snuggle up inside a bear this winter with the Korilakkuma wearable blanket from Japan

Whether you’re plodding around the house or hibernating in your room, this versatile robe has you covered in more ways than one!

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Felissimo adds cute new kitten hoodies and cat cushion blankets to their range

These cats will keep you warm at work and at play during the cooler months.

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Twitter user exposes test-taking “geek” to the world, geek sees tweet and turns to confront him

It’s January, which only means one thing to Japanese high school students: University entrance exams. These tests can be a source of extreme stress of Japaneses students, and many of them spend hours upon hours every day studying in class, at home, or at cram schools. Substandard test scores means they’re denied entrance–and spending the next year or two studying to take the tests again.

One of the hardest tests is the Center Test, which is used by both public and some private schools to make admittance decisions. Like the SATs or ACTs on steroids, it covers a range of topics and is, by anyone’s standards, really freaking hard. So what does the picture above have to do with the Center Test? Click below to find out!

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