Little brother’s observations of older brother “studying” cracks up Japanese Twitter

Day 1: The high school-bound specimen is not well adapted to its “natural habitat.”

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Big sisters in Japan dress their little brothers up as girls, with cute/hilarious results

It would seem that dressing your little brother up as a girl is one of the most enjoyed pastimes of elder siblings all around the world. In Japan, too, many elder sisters and brothers are putting their younger male siblings through extreme makeovers to make them pretty little ladies!

It’s kind of surprising to learn that many younger brothers, some already in their teens, seem quite willing to let their big sisters dress them up in skirts and dresses, but what’s even more surprising is that many of these “victims” actually look rather cute as girls!

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Picture perfect siblings of 18 years apart melt the hearts of Chinese netizens【Photos】

There are many types of siblings; the over-achieving one who never fails to make you feel like a loser, the bully who makes you do their share of the chores, the doted one who always gets the biggest slice of cake, the spendthrift one who keeps borrowing money from you… we could go on for ages.

Having siblings can be a pain or a blessing, and in the case of this little girl, it’s a huge blessing as she’s lucky enough to have a brother who is 18 years older than her and is nothing short of her Prince Charming!

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【Heroism】 Younger Brother Catches Suicide Jump Sibling, Saves Life

At around 4:20pm last Sunday, emergency services in Tokyo’s Ōta ward received a call saying that a young man had leapt from a building and was lying injured in the street.

Arriving moments later and no doubt prepared for the worst, paramedics were instead met by an altogether different and quite remarkable scene; there were, in fact, two men, but both were fully conscious and had sustained only relatively minor injuries.

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