Your Name Tokyo cafe bus tour lets you experience the sights and flavors of the anime

Tokyo tour visits locations from Makoto Shinkai’s hit, recreates the food the characters eat, and takes reservations in English.

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Japan’s new luxury overnight bus is the conveniently classy way to get from Tokyo to Osaka

We take a ride on this new travel alternative to the Shinkansen bullet train.

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Beautiful anime bus will take travelers to Your Name’s countryside setting starting this month

If you’re an anime fan planning to make a pilgrimage to the real-life inspiration for Your Name’s location, your bus has arrived.

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Tokyo bus operator adds free-to-use USB chargers for tech-loving passengers

While you’re progressing towards your destination, your smartphone could be progressing towards a full charge.

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Terrifying video shows Japanese man playing Pokémon GO while driving sightseeing bus 【Video】

No, no! It’s “Gotta catch ‘em all,” not “crash ‘em all!”

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China’s new bus design looks like a car-eating monster 【Video】

“Om nom nom! Delicious little drivers!”

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Crazy rains in China flood public bus interior, but passengers hardly seem to mind 【Video & pics】

Eh, beats walking/swimming, right?

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“Get off the bus.” Driver teaches prankster kid an important lesson

When others didn’t have the courage to stand up and correct a misbehaving child that wasn’t theirs, this Japanese bus driver stepped up to the job!

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Bus driver in Yokohama City announces warm message to the mother of a screaming child

We’ve all been in this situation at some point in our lives–trapped in a public place with a baby screaming its lungs out. While many people would react by repeating “Shut up!” over and over again inside their minds, one pro bus driver in Yokohama who experienced this exact situation on the bus he was driving took the high route by instead reassuring the mother that everything was okay.

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New Japanese luxury bus tour seats only 10 passengers, tickets cost over US$1,200 each

How do you picture being transported to your fantasy vacation spot? A giant cruise ship? A seat in the first-class section of a jumbo jet? How about… a bus?

Not quite sure about that last one? Well the Japanese company Isetan Mitsukoshi Travel is trying to change your mind by offering luxury bus rides from Tokyo to all over Japan. And we’re not exaggerating with the use of the word luxury here: each bus seats only 10 people, and the ticket will cost you around 150,000 yen (US$1,211).

Can such a price tag possibly be worth it? Read on to find out!

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Fare-dodging Chinese bus passenger balances karma by repaying years of delinquent fare

In one of the few instances we can think of in which crime actually does pay, a Chinese bus passenger who spent years “ride-and-dashing” to dodge paying the fare repaid her karmic debt by depositing a total of 800RMB (approx. US$130) into the till boxes of two local buses.

Drivers of both buses apparently tried to reject her offering and have her pay the standard 2RMB fare (US$0.30), but the woman reportedly insisted, telling at least one of the drivers, “You’ve always been kind to your passengers. This is to repay the fare I’ve been skipping out on until now.”

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Horrifying video shows gravity-defying bus accident

Somehow, seat belts often become a matter of contention. Some people buckle-up instinctively upon getting in a car, while others refuse to snap it even when it’s a legal requirement. For many, it’s just another hassle. But even if you think seat belts are stupid and would rather pay a fine than strap in, this video of a terrifying bus accident in Zhejiang, China will change your mind.

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