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McDonald’s Japan Removes Menus from Its Counters, Everyone Suddenly Feels Awkward

Starting on October 1, free morning coffee isn’t the only change you’ll notice at McDonald’s Japan. Step up to the counter and, in the space where the big menu used to be, you’ll find nothing but this sign, urging you to look up at the overhead menu to make your choice instead.

Yep, the menu has gone. From now on, customers are asked to check out a menu elsewhere in the restaurant before heading to the counter, or rely on the meal suggestion board overhead, ruining it for those of us who always just point at the picture of chicken nuggets and say “this please”, in an effort to avoid the awkward Japanese pronunciation of the word.

On the surface, this is but a minor change, but it is already having an effect on frequent visitors, and the internet is buzzing about it.

The people, they are not entirely happy. Read More

Why 7-Eleven Quite Literally Dominates, and Why You Won’t Find One in Shikoku… Yet

Although it’s sometimes forgotten about, Shikoku, one of the four large islands that make up mainland Japan, is as much a part of the country as Hokkaidō in the north and Kyūshū to the south. People eat rāmen, do karaoke and play pachinko, exactly like everywhere else. Take a drive around the island and, just like every other part of the country, you’ll find literally hundreds of convenience stores. Lawson, Family Mart, Mini Stop, Coco Store; they’re all here.

All, that is, except 7-Eleven…. Read More