Hamster butts come in three varieties, and they’re all adorable 【Photos/Poll】

Extreme close-ups, extreme cuteness, and one poll to decide which hamster tush is the best.

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Finally! Vibrating animal butt charms on sale!

Hey, do you like animal butts? What am I saying, of course you do! Unfortunately, animals are wily and occasionally dangerous making it hard to get your hands on their rear ends.

That’s why (we guess) Tenyu has released Oppoppo, a collection of six animal butt simulation devices that are portable and can easily attach to your gym bag, key chain, or belt buckle!

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Move over, cats. Hamster butts are the internet’s latest squeeze【Photos】

These fuzzy rodent bottoms have been sending Japanese Twitter users squealing and spasming over the internet, and we can totally understand why. Cuteness overload! Of course, cats and dogs are still adorable as can be, but as the saying goes, good things come in small packages! These pudgy little fellas are a ton-load of cute compacted into a pocket-sized ball of fluff!

Note: This might be the biggest collection of butt photos RocketNews24 has ever seen!

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Public Service Announcement: This is Not the Correct Way to Play Castanets 【Video】

Well now here’s something you don’t see every day. There are plenty of videos out there on the Internet of people playing the piano or picking at guitar strings with their feet, but we think this is the first time we’ve ever seen someone keep time with just their posterior and a couple of hardwood shells.

Courtesy of our friends at Niconico, the following video is at once a display of muscular dexterity and a lesson to us all to stay in school. It’s entirely stupid and definitely a little vulgar but, well, it’s Friday isn’t it?

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Korean Baby Got Back for About Twenty Bucks at the Market

South Koreans like big butts and they cannot lie, but those Japanese brothers try to deny.  That’s right. It looks like the big butt trend has finally hit this side of the Pacific.  The first nation to fall victim to a big ol’ badonkadonk: South Korea.

One of our reporters got a first-hand experience while travelling there recently, when she stumbled across a pair of padded panties designed to give you that extra junk for your trunk.

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