Japanese artist thrills Twitter with stop-motion anime that plays out like a short film 【Video】

With action, humour and a twist ending, it’s easy to see why this captivating anime has become so popular online.

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Meet Azuki and Matcha: The two newest vocaloids 【Video】

If you’ve never heard of Project 575 before… well, we can’t blame you. Despite existing for a few years now, the pair have never been considered “official” Vocaloids. Until now.

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Naked bodies invade streets of Japan in bizarre new “Time for Sushi” video

Sometimes you find crazy things on the streets of Japan, but this is just insane.

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Japanese high school girl Saya returns to blow everyone away with her new look for 2016

After revealing her big secret last year, the popular schoolgirl is back and she’s undergone some impressive improvements.

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“Live2D Euclid” technology creates 3-D models while retaining the essence of a 2-D drawing

What happens when you take the merits of both 2-D and 3-D animation and combine them to make a new hybrid form of animation technology? Unfathomable as it may seem, that’s precisely the type of technology that Japanese company Live2D is in the midst of developing. Their latest achievement, known as “Live2D Euclid,” is software that is able to transform your 2-D drawings into a 3-D reality while still retaining the look and details of a pen and paper illustration. In other words, it looks like “a hand-drawn picture that will move in the way you want it to.”

Still confused? Check out the introductory video after the jump to see this new technology that is revolutionizing the way we animate characters in anime and video games!

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