China Economic Growth

8 endangered foods you should probably appreciate a lot more

There are few things worse nothing worse than going to the grocery store and finding out that your favorite food item is sold out, but with rising food costs, climate change and increased demand around the world, get ready for a new reality of some of your favorite foods getting a whole lot more expensive and harder to come by. Click below to find out which eight foods you should probably put in your shopping basket before they run out!

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Is the World’s Largest Automotive Market Beginning to Fade?

China, the manufacturing powerhouse that makes up 20% of the world’s entire population, has seen fierce economic growth for the past ten years.  Even the automotive industry, the pride and joy of American manufacturing, has been over taken by China.  The following is an examination of the Chinese automotive industry, the changes it is facing, and measures that have been enacted to combat the shrinking domestic auto market.

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