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What do the Affluent Men of China Yearn for More than Anything Else?

On January 20, 2012, United Arab Emirates’ English newspaper National (Electronic version), published an article that featured an affluent Chinese man named Hoan. It revealed that what some of China’s wealthiest men are looking for is not an increase in material fortune but rather a mistress to perfect their social status. According to the report, if you’re wealthy and happen to be living in China, the presence of a mistress is a symbol of one’s success in society in some circles.

Nevertheless, like many a member of the single male demographic, these affluent Chinese men are sometimes confronted with the problem of just how to go about meeting available members of the opposite sex. Here, what many man with bucket-loads of cash are increasingly turning to is online dating.

Let’s take a quick look at the process for a man like Hoan.

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Look Out Ladies! Survey Shows Chinese Men Make Good Sons and Husbands

Japanese and Korean men seem to be getting all the attention whenever Asian men are mentioned. Indeed, Chinese men have been neglected by both local and foreign women for the longest time.

But this summer, Chinese men were brought into the limelight once again with “All About Chinese Men 2012,” a survey conducted by the lady’s column of Chinese website Over 25 million men and women gave their opinions on a wide range of issues –ranging from fashion, money, work and personal lives- concerning today’s Chinese men.

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