Otaku religion? Line of Christianity-themed light novels launched in Japan, looking for authors

Chunibyo (deluded middle schoolers) want to read the Bible,” assert contest organizers.

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Japanese fans react to the idea that Pokémon Mewtwo is a Christian role model

When life presents you with a moral dilemma, ask yourself, “What would Mewtwo do?”

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Japan’s First Missionary Flustered as Christianity Did Not Compute with the Locals

Saint Francis Xavier was a missionary during the 16th century who is credited for bringing Christianity to parts of Asia previously unaware of the religion. Even today several churches bearing his name or likeness can be found in Japan, China, Indonesia, India and more.

Although he was successful at establishing a foothold for later missionaries to operate in Japan, his task was not easy.  The patience of this Saint was taken to the limit by potential followers complaining about gaps in logic with concepts such as hell and creation.

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