classical music

Turns out classical music sounds like an epic RPG boss battle by adding a drum beat 【Video】

All you have to do is tap, tap, tap the drum.

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Modern concerto fuses classical music and ping-pong for an epic performance【Video】

If you were someone who could never decide between music or sports in school, this crazy oncerto might be right up your alley.

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Top violinist Ayako Ishikawa to release major label debut album with anime covers 【Videos】

Although a number of Japanese music labels have been hesitant to embrace YouTube, over the last few years uploads from independent Japanese artists and personalities have reached higher numbers than ever before.

For some, like BABYMETAL, Ladybaby, and these adorably cute kiddos, the popular video sharing site is the ticket to instant Internet fame. For others, like top violinist Ayako Ishikawa, the road is a little longer, but nonetheless rewarding, with the recent announcement of her major label album debut featuring re-worked anime covers.

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