Kyoto “Cloud Drink” lets you taste the weather as it turns into rain and disappears into your tea

This is the sweetest shower of rain we’ve ever seen!

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Amazing “funnel cloud” appears over the sky in Japan 【Video】

The stunning natural phenomenon looks more like an otherworldly dragon as it’s filmed slowly retreating up to the sky.

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Japanese Twitter artist shares beautiful trick to draw anime-style clouds specific to the seasons

Elegant comparisons makes adding a sense of time to your skyscapes a snap.

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Divinely beautiful phoenix appears in the clouds over god of manga’s childhood home in Japan

The bird that’s reborn in flames is reborn in the sky.

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Photographs of mysterious globe cloud in Japan causing quite a storm online

Perfectly spherical cloud looks like it was lifted straight out of a manga panel.

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Stunning time-lapse photography, “Sea of Clouds”, shows off Hong Kong’s natural beauty【Video】

There’s so much more to China’s southern city than skyscrapers…

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Taiwanese sky can’t decide, splits itself in half

What do you do when the sky itself seems to divide itself right before your eyes? It’s like yin meeting up with yang, or a horrible dark and gloomy day facing off against a beautiful sunny one.

But why let the weather confuse you when RocketNews24 will explain it for you? Sit back and relax as we tell you why the sky is fighting itself in Taiwan.

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Anpanman clouds rising to meet his creator in the afterlife

As we sadly reported yesterday, Takashi Yanase, creator of the beloved Japanese character, Anpanman, passed away on October 13. Though you may not have heard of Anpanman or Yanase, both were immensely famous in Japan, with the cartoon being standard viewing for nearly every child.

And, as you can imagine, his passing touched the hearts of even the most curmudgeonly Internet commenter, especially when the photo above started circulating on Twitter.

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