Pac-Man ghosts were almost all the same color — red

The four different-coloured ghosts are immediately recognizable characters in “Pac-Man,” but Blinky, Inky, Pinky, and Clyde could have been all one shade if the president and cofounder of the video game company that created Pac-Man had his way.

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This week, on a very special Photoshop Trolls: One grandmother’s dying wish

For quite some time now we’ve had fun watching Asia’s Photoshop-skilled netizens have fun at the expense of others. Whether it’s putting boobs on a guy, or taking them of a woman, we’re always in for a chuckle. Still, it also makes you wonder what lies in the hearts of those anonymous artists. Do they have some sort of grudge against humanity as a whole to make us look as if we can fly by the power of our own farts with the mere click of a mouse?

Photoshop trolls’ souls were put to the test recently when a resident of Taiwan uploaded an old family photo along with his dying grandmother’s request: “Could anyone colourize this photo? Please grant this dying wish of my grandmother. All she wants is to be able to clearly see how her family once looked, one last time.”

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