cream cheese

McDonald’s new toppings yield a cheap surprise: Hidden Chicken Crisp for 140 yen!

By the look on Seiji’s face you might think he just discovered the cure to a rare disease, but the truth is much better. He found a way to get a delicious chicken sandwich for only 140 yen (US$1.34) from McDonald’s.

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McDonald’s Japan debuts three new ingredients, limited-time burgers in new “hidden” campaign

Can you guess the three new toppings to be added to menu staples like the Teriyaki McBurger, Chicken Filet, and Double Cheeseburger?

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Red bean paste and cream cheese — a divinely sweet combination?

If you’re interested in Japanese foods, you may be aware that red bean paste, or anko in Japanese, features widely in traditional Japanese sweets. From soft daifuku rice cakes filled with the sweet paste to anmitsu jelly served with pieces of fruit or the dorayaki cakes that Doraemon loves so much, red bean paste is indispensable in making Japanese confections. But now, it seems that giving the traditional paste a bit of a western twist by combining it with a certain ingredient has become all the rage, as seen in a recent post on Japanese trend and information compilation site Naver Matome. Apparently, an increasing number of people seem to be recommending products and recipes online that mix red bean paste with … cream cheese!

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