Japanese artist shows darkness that can sit just outside of a “like”-worthy photo on social media

Oftentimes, it’s what we don’t see that tells the real story of the people smiling at the world online.

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With youth suicide spike looming, Tokyo zoo offers itself as a place of refuge

Ueno Zoo reminds youths that they don’t need anyone’s permission to run away from a dangerous situation.

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Twitter manga shows why “Quit your job” isn’t such an easy solution for suicidal workers in Japan

Author found himself waiting on a subway platform, with the train aproaching, thinking “If I just take one little step forward, I won’t have to go to work tomorrow.”

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Japanese artist’s comic “I am an 18-year-old idol otaku” shows the dark life of one diehard fan

The other side of shaking glowsticks and singing pop songs.

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Japanese scientists treat depressed male mice by making them remember happy times with lady-mice

You’ve probably never heard of Susumu Tonegawa before, but now’s your chance to fix that! Tonegawa won the Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine in 1987 for the discovery of the genetics behind antibody diversity, and he’s been going strong ever since doing his best to keep all of us ungrateful ingrates healthy.

And now Susumu and his team have recently made another breakthrough discovery: treating depression. They were able to virtually reverse the effects of stressful situations on male mice by having them remember the good times they’d spent with lady-mice. How did they do it? Read on to find out!

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Japanese Researchers Unravel the Mechanism Behind the Cause of Depression.

A research team from universities in Nagoya, Japan, has come one step further in developing an effective medicine against the debilitating disorder that is depression.

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