The six lucky fortunes in the collection range from small to eye-popping.

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Creeps bugging saleswomen at anime convention? Here’s a clever plan to discreetly call for help

System is easy for allies to understand, but invisible to everyone else.

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Poisonous spider found at venue of Tokyo’s biggest anime convention one week before it kicks off

Toxic alien shows up early, has the power to make victims puke.

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Get ready for checkmate with this stunning “Chess Bra” collection.

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Free condoms to be distributed at Comiket anime fan event in Tokyo

Attendees at this month’s otaku gathering can get their hands on not just art books and posters, but limited-edition prophylactics too.

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Japanese hotel guest leaves pile of erotic manga out, gets pleasant surprise from cleaning staff

Just because you like dirty dojinshi doesn’t mean you can’t have a clean room.

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Female anime fans swarm Tokyo convention site in massive numbers 【Photos】

Hardcore fans brave the elements and the crowds by lining up hours before start of dojinshi comic event.

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Tokyo specialized school’s new department will teach you to be an Akihabara professional

Courses include maid cafe management, idol production, and dojinshi promotion.

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Taiwanese president-elect’s resemblance to anime character reportedly affecting comic sales

Taiwanese otaku recently greeted Tsai Ing-wen with shouts of “Kirishima!”, which is causing problems for some dojinshi artists.

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Japan raises the bar for weirdness, produces fan-made magazine devoted to male nipples

Male nipples get a bad rap. Not only are they often proclaimed as “useless,” many Japanese people think they’re pretty gross too. What’s a mipple to do in such a hate-filled world?

Thankfully Japan has the, well, a solution: a magazine devoted to showing the beautiful side of male nipples, appropriately titled “I Love Everyone! Man’s Nipple.” What exactly is inside this revolutionary magazine and where can you pick up your copy? Read on to find out!

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Dojinshi fans worry trade pact could be the end of Comiket, but is the fear founded in reality?

Whether you call it Comic Market, Comiket, or Comike, the twice-a-year event is the largest gathering of creators and fans of dojinshi, Japanese self-published comics. Each iteration of Comiket draws hundreds of thousands of otaku to its venue at the Tokyo Big Sight convention center.

Something else that’s known by more than one name is the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A proposed trade agreement between a dozen nations, including Japan and the U.S., the legislation is more commonly referred to by the acronym TPP in the Japanese media.

As negotiations between the U.S. and Japan continue, some anime and manga fans are worrying that the Trans-Pacific Partnership/TPP could be disastrous for Comic Market/Comiket/Comike, but just how justified are these fears?

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If Japan joins the TPP, would it be the end of parody and self-published works?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership has proven a source of extreme contention on both sides of the ocean. For example, the EFF has been openly critical of the potential agreement, describing it on their website as “a secretive, multinational trade agreement that threatens to extend restrictive intellectual property (IP) laws across the globe and rewrite international rules on its enforcement.” Japanese farmers don’t seem to fond of it either, though for entirely different reasons.

And now the TPP is drawing the ire of (with a few smatterings of approval from) Japan’s manga and anime fans. Some are even saying the agreement has the potential to utterly destroy otaku culture. Is this hyperbole or is the sky really falling?

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Chinese Dōjin Convention “Comicup10” Cosplay Gallery

In our report yesterday of Comicup10, Shanghai’s largest dojin convention which took place on May 27, we mentioned that the impressive turnout of both dojin circles and fans suggests a bright future for otaku culture in China.

Yet it was the coplayers—or “cosers” as they call them—that stole the show. Not only did they seem to make up roughly half the attendees, but the quality of their costumes expressed a devotion to and adoration for Japanese pop culture that made us feel proud to be neighbors.

Check below for a collection of our favorite cosers photos from Comicup10!

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Chinese Dōjin Convention “Comicup10” Report! Japanese Titles Still Top, Chinese Originals Growing in Popularity

While many products of Japanese culture are internationally recognized, otaku culture surly boasts the largest and most enthusiastic group of followers. It seems like on any given day, somewhere in the world there is a convention celebrating anime, manga or some other facet of Japanese geek culture—the sun never sets on the Otaku Empire.

We recently returned from one such event, Comicup, a large dōjin convention held on May 27 in Shanghai that is said to be China’s largest.

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