iMakeover: Can a haircut turn Mr. Sato into Steve Jobs?

Everyone has that one celebrity that we have been told we sort of look like if we squint our eyes and look into a foggy mirror. For our beloved RocketNews24 reporter Mr. Sato, that celebrity doppelganger is none other than former Apple CEO Steve Jobs. As a frequent participant at iPhone launches and Apple’s annual “luckybag” sale in Japan, Mr. Sato decided maybe it was time to see if a shorter haircut (and a black turtleneck) would indeed make him look like the tech icon. Armed with an iPad and a digital photo of Steve Jobs, Mr. Sato began his iMakeover.

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We Trick Five Beautiful Girls Into Drinking Feces Wine, “It has a refined and elegant flavor”

Ttongsul, or “feces wine”, is a traditional Korean beverage made from soaking human feces and medicinal herbs in soju alcohol for three to four months until it ferments.

Regular readers of our site may know that we managed to acquire two bottles of ttongsul earlier this year. This may have been a bit too much. While ttongsul doesn’t necessarily taste bad, it’s still poo and you don’t really feel inclined to knock it back like your nightly glass of scotch.

So here we are with several liters of feces wine that no one in the office wants to drink, the problem being that everyone knows what the stuff is made from. What does RocketNews24 do? Find five cute Japanese girls who have never heard of ttongsul, have them drink it for us, and then tell them there’s human feces in it after, or course!

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Buy a Wii U and be a Hit with the Ladies! (But They Might Ignore You all Night)

Six years ago, a man inviting a group of girls to come and play with his Wii would probably have resulted in face slapping and a visit from the police, but here in 2012 everyone and their dog knows what a Wii is. And now, with the launch of the new Wii U, the next generation of remote-wielding gaming featuring a touchscreen-equipped controller, nerdy men the world over have a new toy to lure girls into their homes with.

The console supports up to four Wii remotes, plus the new touchscreen contoller, meaning that it’s one of the most group-oriented games consoles ever made, and just begs to be played by whole families or groups of friends.

But since RocketNews24 Japan‘s closest Wii U-owning pal (who we shall refer only as WiiMan to protect his nerdy identity) is a self-confessed part-time hemit and only ever gets to see the single-player modes of his games, he called his friend Kaori and invited her over for some multiplayer fun.

“A Wii U!?” Kaori said excitedly, “Definitely! I’ll bring my band friends with me! Don’t worry, they’re all cute.”

From home alone to a night of videogames with five cute girls in 90 seconds. WiiMan couldn’t believe his luck!

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