Animegane: World’s first anime eyewear store opens in Akihabara

Whether you’re after Boruto spectacles or glasses from Maho Girls Pretty Cure!, this new store has a huge selection of anime styles to choose from.

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Japan’s new cat eyeglasses will make the world look clearer and cuter

Correct your vision while experiencing the joy of a kitty hugging you with its soft, soft paws.

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Japan’s sweet and stylish Pokémon glasses are the best reason to ditch your contact lenses

Pikachu and pals are here to help you see plus protect your peepers during prolonged PC sessions.

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Perfect the Art of Laziness! Get Your Sloth On with New Eyewear from Sanco

Everyone’s had one of those days when they just don’t feel like getting out of bed. Well “rare things” online store Sanco is now offering a must-have item for just such occasions: GORODEY2 Eyewear, glasses that allow you to remain flat on your back and still be entertained.

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New Glasses Designed Exclusively for Hackers

Glasses maker JINS have announced that on 2 July they will sell a limited release of 1,500 pairs of their confusingly named JINS PC for Hackers, which are glasses tailored to meet the needs of hackers.

JINS makes it clear on their website that they are referring to hackers in the traditional sense of someone with a lot of experience and skill using computers and networks, rather than the criminal sense often used in the media.

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