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Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva swaps her Sailor Moon outfit for a traditional kimono in Kyoto

The anime-loving skater thrills everyone off the ice as she walks the streets of Kyoto in traditional attire.

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Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir skates to music from anime Yuri!!! on Ice【Video】

Hit anime series continues winning over figures from the world of professional skating.

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Figure skating anime hit Yuri!!! on Ice set to heat up theaters with all-new movie

Producers seem committed to keeping the story going, not just making an easy cash grab.

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Figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva skates to anime theme dressed as Sailor Moon

Professional skater recreates Sailor Moon’s transformation sequence on the ice in Tokyo.

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Life imitates (anime) art as Evgenia Medvedeva gets a Yuri!!! on Ice present from fan【Video】

Who needs a bouquet of roses when you can get a nod to this season’s biggest sports anime hit?

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A figure skating anime is suddenly boosting Chanel sales, and not everyone is happy

The luxury fashion brand owes a few thanks to a popular new anime which focuses on competitive men’s figure skating.

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Hot guys on ice! Original figure skating anime Yuri On Ice premieres this October!

Handsome 2-D young men twirling and jumping in body-tight sparkly suits? Of course we’re looking forward to it.

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Russian figure skating champion who loves Sailor Moon wows Japanese fans, then meets author

Move over Mao Asada, this 16-year-old figure skating superstar is stealing the hearts of Japanese fans.

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Champion figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu to make on-screen acting debut as samurai lord!

He’s handsome, talented and an Olympic gold medalist. And now, Yuzuru Hanyu will be making his screen debut as a samurai lord in the Edo period!

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Japan’s cats are figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu’s biggest fans【Pics】

We all know that Japan loves cats. But what do Japan’s cats love? If these photos are anything to go by, the answer is simple: figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu.

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Adelina Sotnikova’s Facebook page plastered with photoshopped hate mail

Adelina Sotnikova’s gold medal at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics will no doubt be remembered as one of the most controversial wins in recent Olympic history. Despite the Russian putting on a dazzling performance, many felt that South Korea’s Yuna Kim deserved the win and that it was only through some decidedly suspicious voting on the part of the judges that Sotnikova was able to claim the first prize.

Since the event, the internet masses have been more than vocal on the issue, but this week Sotnikova’s own public Facebook page has been plastered with angry comments – mostly but not all from users with Korean usernames – and decidedly unflattering pictures of the skater’s face merged with that of animated ogre Shrek, who is shown as wanted for the theft of a gold medal, and photoshopped images of her standing in second place on the winner’s podium while Yuna Kim takes first.

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Russia’s “Emperor of Ice” Evgeni Plushenko thanks Japanese fan, shares thoughts on Yuzuru Hanyu

Japan just can’t seem to get enough of Russian figure skaters. It’s nothing new, either. In fact, 2002 Olympic champion Alexei Yagudin published his autobiography in Japan before in his home country! Yesterday, we shared with you some fan art dedicated to 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya, who even displayed a piece on her personal social media site. Today, Japanese netizens are gushing over megastar Evgeni Plushenko, affectionately dubbed “Puru-sama” in Japan. Although he ended up withdrawing from the men’s singles event during the Sochi Games, he did help his country win the team event earlier in the week, and has a stack of medals to his name won in previous years’ Games.

But now that he has officially retired from the sport, many people are wondering where life will take Puru-sama next. Could there be a future in coaching for him? It looks like it could be a legitimate possibility after he praised newly-crowned Olympic gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyu and responded to a Japanese fan’s tweet a couple of days ago. 

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Korean broadcast asserts Yuna Kim’s gold medalist status at Sochi Olympics with cheeky subtitle

Mention the Winter Olympics or figure skating to any South Korean this week and they’ll likely respond with a scowl or a shake of the head. After an almost completely flawless performance at Sochi, 23-year-old figure skater and darling of South Korea Yuna Kim looked sure to claim the gold, but when the judges presented their scores for her performance, which came to a total of 219.11, the stadium erupted with cheers from Russian spectators who knew that the top medal would instead go to their own Adelina Sotnikova, who scored just five points more.

But the official scores don’t seem to matter much in Yuna Kim’s native South Korea, since one broadcaster pretty much just awarded her a gold medal anyway.

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Artwork by Japanese fan catches the eye of Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya

The Sochi Olympics didn’t quite turn out how Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya had hoped. After losing out to her Russian teammate and placing 5th overall in the ladies competition, you can bet that this talented 15-year-old will be back with a vengeance for the 2018 Winter Games.

But despite her relative inexperience on the international stage, she has already made quite a name for herself across the world with her fierce determination, signature spin, and blunt remarks. Over the past several weeks she’s also amassed quite the following of Japanese fans. One piece of art made by a Japanese fan even caught the attention of none other than the skater herself! Read on to see the fan drawing that Yulia posted on her personal social networking site.

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South Korea protests Olympic figure skating result over biased judging

The South Korean Olympic Committee has filed an official protest of the result of the women’s figure skating event at the Olympics over ‘biased judging,’ according to the Associated Press.

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Japan’s Nikkan Sports under fire after publishing hugely unflattering photos of Mao Asada

Mao Asada, the figure-skating darling so adored in Japan that she’s more commonly known simply as “Mao-chan”, hasn’t had the best week ever. After a less-than-stellar performance at the women’s short event at Sochi 2014, which ended in tears for the young skater, thousands of people took to Twitter and Facebook to voice their support for her.

But a photo spread in a recent issue of Japan’s Nikkan Sports, an affiliate of the Asahi Shimbun, almost definitely won’t make Mao-chan feel especially good about herself, and many net users are decidedly unhappy about it.

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Mao Asada’s flawed program met with support from fellow skaters, criticized by Japanese official

Silver medalist, Mao Asada, is the ice skating sweetheart of Japan. Loved by millions across the tiny island nation, she was expected to do great things at the 2014 Sochi Olympics. However, an unfortunate fall during her triple axel took Mao out of the running for the podium and the skating beauty finished 16th in the ladies short program. Witnessing a world-class skater make a huge mistake at such a crucial moment on the world stage was nothing short of heartbreaking. But Mao’s fellow skaters, including Michelle Kwan and Kristi Yamaguchi, took to Twitter to show their support of the young skater. Unfortunately, Mao didn’t receive the same outpouring of sympathy from one prominent Japanese official.

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Russian figure skater Yulia Lipnitskaya is a firecracker both on and off the ice

Earlier this week, 19-year-old Sendai-native Yuzuru Hanyu overcame a slightly flawed program to grab the first-ever men’s Olympic gold medal in figure skating for Japan. Japanese fans celebrated the victory with a plethora of fanart dedicated to Yuzuru by both professional manga artists and amateurs.

At the time of this writing, the ladies short program is just underway in Sochi. Japan’s Mao Asada is back, and looks to claim gold after falling short to her longtime rival, reigning “Queen” Yuna Kim of South Korea, in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Although the field is filled with several seasoned veterans, 15-year old overnight celebrity Julia Lipnitskaya of Russia in particular promises to put up a good fight. Yulia dominated the competition last week, helping her country claim gold in the new Olympic team figure skating event held for the first time at these games. If you recall, Tara Lipinski was only 15 when she won the 1998 Nagano Olympics…

One thing that sets Yulia apart is her incredible composure and focus despite participating on the world stage at such a young age. And she’s certainly not afraid to speak her mind, as some reporters recently found out the hard way…

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Figure-skating silver medalist Chan prepared by drumming to K-ON!

It’s not just gold medalist Yuzuru Hanyū who has won the hearts of anime fans. 23-year-old Canadian figure skater and Olympic silver medalist Patrick Chan seems to be a K-ON! fan himself. He personally posted a YouTube video of himself preparing for his 2011 trip to Japan — by drumming along to the anime’s opening:

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Sculptor Seems to Have Confused Beautiful Figure Skater Kim Yuna with the Dude from Sling Blade

Korea’s darling of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, figure skater Kim Yuna has been enjoying the fame and glory that comes with earning a gold medal.  She has even dubbed “the people’s little sister” by her fellow citizens of South Korea.

Blessed with good looks to boot, it seems nothing can cast a gloom on Kim Yuna brightly shining stardom.  Not until this photo was released on the internet that has sparked the righteous indignation or South Koreans everywhere showing a less than flattering depiction of their little sis.

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