Korean university’s “lick milk off your girlfriend” event ends with apologies, milk moustaches

University life may not be quite how it appears in the countless teen comedies that Hollywood coughed up during the early noughties, but it can still be a lot of fun. And if these photos taken during an event at Kangwon National University’s recent campus festival are anything to go by, some colleges aren’t afraid to cross a few lines when it comes to having a good time.

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Chinese Photoshop trolls part 4: Now with more cats!

Our favorite Photoshoppers are back with a new series of hilariously doctored photos, and this time they’ve gone after the very heart of the Internet: cats! That’s right, your Monday just got a whole lot better!

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286 of Japan’s favorite triple-take photos

By now you have probably gotten through all 252 of Japan’s favorite animated gifs along with the necessary bathroom breaks, so now we have another fun time-waster to present to you.  Our Japanese site has been steadily accumulating a collection of photos from the internet that all share one thing: You have to stare at them for a moment before you can see what’s really going on.

These aren’t the works of Photoshop trolls (well, a few might have slipped in here and there). These photos are cases of unusual lighting and juxtaposition, both intentional and unintentional, to create magical, funny, disgusting, dirty and surprising illusions. Our sister site has amassed a 12-part series over the years, which we are about to unleash all at once in a 286 picture set!

Snacks ready? Let’s procrastinate!

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Autumn style: Hair and cargo netting together at last!

Tired of the same old hairstyles? Twin tails just not rocking your socks any more? Well how about hairdo that could also be used as a weapon or a means of catching your next meal?

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Cat pics! Some of Japan’s most retweeted cat pictures to prepare you for the weekend

The Internet is amazing, isn’t it? With a few keystrokes, you can learn nearly anything you want. Vast amounts of highly specialized, carefully cataloged information are available to anyone with the inclination to look. And then there are the social networks that connect literally billions of people, allowing near-instantaneous communication, opening up the possibility for endless conversation. And what do we do with all this potential?

Tweet pictures of cats at each other.

You know what, humanity? I have only one thing to say to you: Meow!

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The little hedgehog that couldn’t (but it’s still fun to watch him try) 【Video】

They may not have the swoon-inducing power of 14 baby pandas in a row, but hedgehogs are nevertheless incredibly cute, and they make great little pets. They’re passive, clean, ideal for those who are out during the daytime, and, as this video proves, hugely entertaining to watch wrestle with the inside of a toilet roll.

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Sumo referee takes a foot to the face as wrestler is thrown down 【Video】

The September 24 bout between Jokoryu Takayuki and Yoshikaze Masatsugu began much like any other professional sumo match. After the starting rituals had been carried out, the referee, or gyouji as he’s known in Japanese, called the giant wrestlers forward, and after a brief pause the men were on each other in a flash, pushing and shoving with all their might as the referee circled, studying their every movement.

What no one expected to happen next, however, was for the enormous foot of 138kg (304lb) Yoshikaze to find its way into the referee’s face as he was thrown to the ground, taking the robed man down with him.

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Bacterium aspires to work in a toilet, dresses the part

You know that line careers guidance counsellors often use: “Dress for the job you want, not the job you have”? Well it looks like one bacterium with its eye on a gig in the bowl of a toilet has perhaps taken that advice a bit too literally…

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Fashion takes a tip from the dog park, leaves Japanese Tweeters baffled

Fashion can be…confusing at times. Especially for those of us whose wardrobe consists of a black T-shirt and a white T-shirt, in case a fancy event comes up.

But there’s no denying that fashion, as an art form, takes its inspiration from the world around us. While not every design will become a permanent fixture or even necessarily work really well, we have to respect the creativity and thought that goes into making fashionable clothes. Though maybe this particular concept should have stayed on the drawing board…or in the dog park!

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Lazy cat shows us how to do a three-day holiday properly

It was a three-day weekend over here in Japan thanks to the Autumn equinox and the heat finally gave us a break, making it absolutely wonderful! With cool weather and so much time, surely everyone was really productive, right? I mean, nothing’s better than taking a few days to really get stuff done! I bet everyone was busying with things like reading a science book, cleaning the house, studying a foreign language, or going for long nature hikes.

Or maybe people were more like this adorable, sleepy-eyed cat.

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Futuristic but grimy Nagasaki Station toilet proves Japan is really just “Blade Runner”

A Nagaski area public toilet is proving that the future that Blade Runner envisioned is now, and it’s in Japan.

The public toilet in question is apparently about a 10-minute walk from the station proper, at an unassuming location near a pedestrian underpass. To even gain access to the toilet requires you to figure out a complex series of buttons and probably pass a retinal scan to ensure you aren’t a Replicant.

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Blood money: Yesterday’s typhoon leaves one man in an awkward predicament

Tokyo may have escaped with only minor damage compared to poor old Kyoto during yesterday’s powerful typhoon, but it would appear that there is at least one Twitter user who suffered losses of a truly horrific nature.

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“Would you like a fork or chopsticks with your drink?”

Convenience stores have gotten a bit of a bad name recently thanks to impetuous freezer divers the world over. But this might be the final…straw.

The above picture (sans pixelization) is blowing up on Twitter, having been retweeted over 4,000 times. But what’s wrong with a little chocolate milk tea??

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Cats versus blinds: A battle we all win

Cats: The fuel that runs the Internet! No matter where you are from, cats are a source of endless delight. And when those furry critters find themselves caught in awkward poses, it cranks the cuteness levels from 10 to pure “ZOMG!!” So today we bring you a host of pictures found on the incredibly popular Japanese site, Hamster Sokuhou, and Japanese commenters’ reactions to these adorable fails.

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Top secret! This peep-preventing film will keep all eyes off your phone screen

Whether it’s people worrying about the NSA stealing all the cookies from their cookie jars or a generous gent hiding his identity, it seems that privacy is all over the news these days. And while we could argue the merits and demerits of living in a surveillance society, we can probably all agree that there’s nothing more annoying than people looking at your phone screen over your shoulder!

Of course, privacy-protecting films for phones have been around almost as long as cell phones have, but this one takes your privacy to heart and makes sure no one sees your business…

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Need a little help with your bags or the housework? Rent a middle-aged man for $10 an hour!

Japan is well known for its vast array of escort services that cater to every societal niche. You can find flashy girls and guys at hostess bars and host clubs who pose as your conversation and drinking partners for however long your money lasts. Butler and maid cafes have also found a market with the slightly less seedy (but no less obsessed) crowd who are willing to pay money to be served tea by snappily dressed attendants as they chat you up.

But what about the people that aren’t interested in the overly fashionable, intimidating bar workers? What if you don’t want some cute maid young enough to be your daughter, or a stoic butler the same age as your little brother at your beck and call?

Japan has got just the thing for you! Introducing rent-able middle-aged dudes!

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Sky cycling: The newest way to relieve constipation

Japan loves amusement parks. And who can blame anyone for that? The rides, the food, the long lines of screaming children. Okay, nothing’s perfect, but amusement parks certainly are a great way to spend the weekend, right? And the best part, of course, is the rides!

But not all rides are created equal. Just look at this photo of the “Sky Cycle” ride at Washuzan Highland, a Brazilian-themed amusement park in Okayama Prefecture. Doesn’t really seem very thrilling, does it? But wait…

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“Study Cube” combines prison cell and latrine… for kids!

Everyone hated studying when they were kids. Hell, everyone hated studying in college. That’s why you sat up on the top floor of the dorm with both a textbook and a beer open and somehow convinced yourself that studying drunk was totally cool as long as you were also drunk while taking the test.

But now a South Korean company has made it possible for kids and college students alike to get some hardcore studying done by creating a study prison that you may also be able to poop in because it totally looks like an old-timey latrine.

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TV staffer makes hilarious walk-on appearance during live news segment

There’s nothing quite like a good live TV slip-up, be it a weatherman sneakily playing an online video game in the background or a pair of monkeys at the zoo getting down to a little R-rated action despite the presenter’s best attempts to hide it. And this one, which took place on Japan’s national public broadcasting network, is an absolute a doozie.

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Japan’s shopkeepers get tough with petty thieves, threaten death, man-on-man action

Be it a show of bravado, the result of peer pressure, or a misguided act of teenage rebellion, shoplifting – or manbiki as it is known – is a crime that thousands of kids across Japan commit each year. Most, no sooner have they pocketed some trinket or other, regret their actions immediately and are terrified to return to the scene of the crime lest they be apprehended by the store owner or a SWAT team lying in wait. A few, though, make a habit of stealing little odds and ends from stores, and before long it becomes a serious problem.

Rest assured, though, that Japan’s shopkeepers are on the lookout for sticky-fingered school kids, and are giving them fair warning of the terrible things that will happen should they be caught pilfering, with promises to hunt down, and in some cases physically violate, petty thieves.

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