Japanese Kids’ Favourite Gachapin Looks Pretty Messed up on the Inside

We know he’s supposed to be a dinosaur, but adorable character Gachapin’s fluffy green exterior somehow always made him seem much less alien and frightening. So when this image recently appeared on a Japanese Twitter user’s feed, we suddenly found ourselves a little less fond of Japan’s own Barney-a-like.

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The Twitter Experiment II: How to Get Replies from Celebrities on Twitter

Thanks to Twitter, we common folk get an unprecedented level of access to the celebrities previously could only gaze at from below. For example, how else but with Twitter could some guy call a multi-billionaire “baldy” directly?

Prominent Twitter researchers at Omocoro – who taught us that attaching clothes pins to your naked body can result in over 1,000 retweets – have developed secret ways to draw tweet replies out of  Japan’s entertainment elite.

Our story begins one January day in the Omocoro editor’s room…

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