Looking for love in Japan? Come to the Aiseki Beach House this summer!

Meet singles and eat and drink as much as you like in a prime location right next to the Pacific. And all for free (if you’re a girl).

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Young Japanese singles list the organizations they’d most like a potential date to work for

Workers at airlines, plus one video game company, are in high demand in the dating pool.

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Anime Your Name brings couples together at Japanese group dating event

The search for a partner in Tokyo or Osaka is made all the more magical with this special anime-themed matchmaking party.

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Pokémon Go singles mixer events announced in Japan

Good news single people! There are now Pokémon Go matchmaking events in Japan!

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Japanese ladies list top five companies whose employees they’d most/least like to date

Which company in Japan has the most and least “eligible bachelor” employees? New study suggests Japanese ladies have strict preferences!
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Late-night adult escape game “Escape from Virginity” may lead to confusion

The popularity of “escape games” has been growing recently in Asian countries and Japan is no exception. Our own Mr. Sato took part in one not too long ago where he had to solve a series of puzzles to progress through levels and reach the end. In his case, the end consisted of a train car stocked with alcopops.

This time a unique escape game event is scheduled for after midnight on 17 November at the Asagaya Loft in Tokyo titled “R18 Real Escape Game: Escape from Virginity.” Some readers may find this name shocking at first, but after learning what really goes on at this event we can see it’s not exactly as the name suggests.

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