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One of Tokyo’s best hair salons discovered: this dank parking garage!

Mr. Sato takes the plunge and follows the promise of a super-cheap haircut into the unknown.

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Tokyo’s by-anime-fans, for-anime-fans hair salon is now open for business

Conveniently located Akihabara salon offers wide range of anime-style colorings, keeps otaku looking good while shopping for merch.

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Hair salon just for otaku would turn getting a haircut into a mini anime convention experience

Crowdfunding being sought for planned location in Tokyo’s Akihabara.

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New development out of Asia: Cats are being used as hair styling tools【Video】

If you’re thinking of making Fluffy contribute more around the house, then we’ve found the perfect way to jump-start his career as a working feline.

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Getting a haircut in Japan: A survival guide

Getting a haircut in another country – in a foreign language – can be a daunting experience. We’ve all heard stories about that one unfortunate soul who, just wanting a trim, indicated a few centimetres between thumb and forefinger, only for the hairdresser to think that was how much they wanted to remain on their head and start lopping off hair left, right and centre.

Japan being Japan, of course there are a few surprising and funny things they do at salons that are different from back home too! But with some simple words and phrases under your belt, you can visit a Japanese hair salon with confidence.  Join us after the jump for a guide to surviving – and hopefully enjoying – a haircut in Japan!

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