On December 17, Japanese model Mitsu Dan (壇蜜) appeared at the Hotel Ibis in Roppongi, Tokyo to promote the DVD and Blu-Ray release of the 2012 American action film “Safe House”, known as “Dangerous Run” in Japan.

After taking the stage wearing nothing but black boots, a narrow tube-top bra, and a mini skirt pulled down to reveal a skimpy black thong, Dan proceeded to “promote” the movie by rubbing lead actors Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds all over her breasts and crotch. 

We mean the box art image, of course.

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Maria Ozawa is one of the most popular Japanese Adult Video (AV) actresses in the world. While she may not have half of China following her on Twitter like Sora Aoi, she does command a huge following in many countries across Asia, especially Southeast Aisa.

Indonesia, in particular, is crazy about the half French-Canadian half Japanese porn star. Known as “Miyabi” by local fans, Ozawa is so popular in the country that she has even appeared in two non-pornographic Indonesian films, one of which, titled Menculik Miyabi (“Kidnapping Miyabi”), is a comedy about two teenage Indonesia fans who kidnap Maria Ozawa while she’s vacationing in Indonesia only to end up learning valuable lessons about life, love and, most importantly, friendship.

However, Ozawa’s popularity among Indonesians has also become a point of controversy among right-wing Islamic groups (Islam is the dominant religion in Indonesia and Muslims makes up over 80% of the population) and her appearance in Indonesian films have sparked heated protests from conservative groups, who denounced filmmakers for casting a foreign porn actress instead of a local actress.

Imagine their reaction, then, when it was discovered that a photo of Maria Ozawa was published in a middle school workbook earlier this month.

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We’re pretty sure this is exactly what Confucius was talking about when he said “The last drop makes the cup run over.”

The woman in the photo above was probably going for sexy—and you know us, we have no objections to sexy. She even pulled off all the classic maneuvers, augmenting her bust with her bra and wearing a dress with a low-cut top to show it off.

The problem is she just went too far.

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A little over a year ago no one knew who she was. Now she’s one of the most googled women in China and can be found on the cover of magazines and turning heads at motor shows year-round.

She is Gan Lulu, the 26-year-old model from Beijing who became a overnight sensation after her mother posted a video of her naked in the shower to the internet with the hopes of finding her a boyfriend.

Over the past year she has become known for her eccentric and jaw-droppingly sexy wardrobe which she displays for the camera with an unabashed confidence. Now Lulu seems to be taking cues from Lady Gaga with a set of 3 audacious outfits worn during last month’s Pan-Asia Int’l Auto Show fittingly dubbed the “Tricolored Breasts.”

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The following stories are true; only the names and places have been changed to protect the innocent – mostly myself.

Last month, an up and coming adult video star, let’s call her Savanna Bubbles, released her debut video which was number one with a bullet.  This girl had everything the industry craves with a knockout combination of being innocent faced and fully stacked.

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Uniforms are hot. When a good-looking woman wears a uniform, particularly one from a profession usually dominated by men, it’s especially hot. And hottest among these is probably the police uniform.

Case in point: this lovely policewoman from Taiwan. She already has effortless natural beauty, but put her in a uniform and she becomes something of a sensation. Coworkers, the public, and even suspects are powerless before this officer’s charms.
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