Hua Shan

Forget hiking the Appalachian Trail, the path up Mount Hua should get your heart rate up and provide all the exercise you’ll ever need

Located about 120 kilometers outside of the city of Huayin, Shaanxi province, Mount Hua is one of China’s Five Great Mountains. Certainly beautiful, the mountain has historically been a religious retreat for “strong-willed” monks able to find “the way” to the top on narrow pathways alongside gut-churning drops.

With tourism now booming in a more affluent China, the government has worked to improve access to the top of the mountain by widening the trail, adding railings and safety chains, and in general working to prevent hikers from experiencing a quick, unplanned descent to the bottom. Let’s find out what the dizzying location has to offer!
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Don’t Look Down! A Stroll Along China’s Deadliest Hiking Trail【Photos】

Love hiking? Get a thrill out of walking along rickety wooden boards and knowing that you could fall to your death at any moment? Then the Hua Shan hiking trail in China will be right up your street.

As someone who gets nervous merely peeking over the edge of a tall building here in Tokyo, these photos were almost a struggle to look at while posting, so the more faint-hearted among you may not wish to click the link. The rest of you, go ahead; you can tell me all about it when you get back.

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