Tokyo’s Ranma 1/2 cafe is open, and we just stuffed ourselves with awesome anime nostalgia

Food, art, and exclusive merch are part of love letter to one of the most popular anime of all time, and totally worth a six-hour wait for a table.

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Pixiv will hold character design contest for Ikebukuro promotional anime

Animate and the Toshima ward of Tokyo held a joint press conference on Friday to announce that an “Ikebukuro PR Anime” is in the works.

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Smartphone app finds empty restroom stalls in Tokyo subway station, makes pooing easier than ever

Because the last thing you want to do is wander through one of Tokyo’s massive stations while trying to hold in a dump.

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Over 1,000 fish and other marine creatures die at Tokyo aquarium after failed medical treatment

Heartbreaking loss of life occurs at one of the city’s most popular aquariums.

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Now you can eat Gudetama’s mom as Sanrio cafe unveils darkest dish yet for new Tokyo restaurant

Less tragic dining options also available.

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Boys’ love manga categorized into more than 30 sub-genres at mainstream Tokyo bookstore

Perfect for all those parents looking for just the right gift for their fujoshi daughters.

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Utena Cafe opening in Tokyo this summer to celebrate landmark anime’s 20th anniversary

The revolutionary girl is the latest anime icon to become the face of a cafe in one of Tokyo’s anime fandom hot spots.

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Crazy-huge hail chunks pound Tokyo as “guerrilla rain” hits the capital【Videos, photos】

Summer may be the rainy season, but hail like this is freaky even for Japan.

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Tokyo Ghoul anime cafe opening in Tokyo, to the joy of ghoulish gourmands

Eat like an undead and indulge in a little light cosplay at this limited-time cafe celebrating the upcoming Tokyo Ghoul franchise.

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We go Brazilian at Tokyo restaurant that offers “Brazilian-style ramen”

Smooth and slippery noodles are accompanied by some surprising sights.

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Tokyo indoor anime theme park launches new cosplay rental service

There’s no easier or more appropriate place to cosplay as some of the greatest heroes of the anime and manga world.

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Japanese cosplayer wows crowds by dressing as one of the anime world’s strongest stars【Pics】

Run for your lives! Shizuo Heiwajima’s coming through with a massive, life-sized street sign.

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Shin Godzilla resurges in Tokyo with extended residency at cafe and new limited-edition ice cream

Now you can destroy Godzilla and his foes with your jaws in the heart of Tokyo!

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20 things to buy at the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo store

If you’re saving up your yennies for a trip to the the Pokémon Center Mega Tokyo store, here are some of the awesome items available to purchase.

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Is Japan’s highest-ranking unagi restaurant worth the six-month wait for a table? We find out

Already checked all the sushi and ramen boxes on your Japanese food pilgrimage list? Then come along with us to the country’s favorite unagi specialist, located in downtown Tokyo.

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The future is here! Celebrate Back to the Future: Part II’s historic day at theme cafes

Do you know what day October 21, 2015 is? It’s the day that Marty and Doc come to the future from 1985! But, sorry Marty, hover boards aren’t quite what they were supposed to be, and we barely made it to five Jaws movies, let alone Jaws 19. One of the only prophecies that may still come true is the Cubs winning the World Series, but even that seems doubtful.

Okay, so Marty might not be overly thrilled with this real version of 2015, but hey, at least he’ll get to go to the limited time “Back to the Future” Cafe if he stops by Hill Valley Ikebukuro in Tokyo.

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Visiting Ikebukuro’s disaster prevention center and experiencing a magnitude-9 earthquake【Video】

The first real earthquake I remember experiencing was on March 11, 2011. You might recognize that as the day of the Great Tohoku Earthquake, which brought the devastating tsunami that ravaged the northeastern coast of Japan. I was in Tokyo at the time, so the seismic activity was markedly lower than that experienced by people living in places like Iwate and Fukushima, but it was still a real shock.

Ever since, I’ve wondered just how much worse it must have been closer to the epicenter. Thanks to the Ikebukuro Life Safety Learning Center, I’ve come close to understanding what it must have felt like. Though far from anything you could describe as “fun,” it was an unquestionably powerful experience — and you can find out what it was like too. Check out our video introducing the center below, and learn a little bit about what to do in case you find yourself in caught in the middle of a powerful earthquake.

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Gintama themed cafe coming to Ikebukuro! Get ready for some wacky Edo hijinks

Gintama fans are in for a special treat as a cafe in Ikebukuro is re-working its image and re-opening as Yorozuya, the “we do everything” office from the Gintama manga.

While this cafe won’t be able to help you with all your life problems, they will be able to satisfy your need to eat, dine and be merry surrounded by Gintama characters and decor. This special theme cafe will finally make a Yorozuya store a reality and you only have to wait until this August.

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Want to shake hands with an adorable otter? You can right now at this Tokyo aquarium

Tokyo’s Ikebukuro is an archetypical part of the concrete jungle of Japan’s capital. The neighborhood is even home to Sunshine 60, one of the tallest buildings in a city that’s already packed with massive skyscrapers.

With so much space to work with, Sunshine 60 houses a shopping center, restaurants, planetarium, museum, and even a parlor for playing the Japanese board game go. But what convinced us to visit recently was the complex’s aquarium, which right now is offering a chance to shake hands with its adorable river otters!

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Sega has created a nail-art sticker printer and you can test it for free this weekend in Tokyo

What’s the only accessory you can wear 10 of but barely notice you’re donning them at all? Yup, nail art! Japan is all about colorful, creative decoration for the fingers and its nail art can get pretty fancy. But it can also get kind of pricey. As not everyone is gifted enough in the intricate craft of nail painting to do it themselves, DIY tricks have been cropping up, but they don’t always work as well as expected.

Renowned video game developer Sega has an answer to our nail woes. They have created a machine that prints specially shaped nail art stickers, so the average Jane (or Joe) can decorate their nails to their heart’s content. The machine is aptly named Nail Puri, short for nail purintaa (printer). What’s even better is that there will be a free demo of the machine in Ikebukuro this coming weekend!

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