Sushi Cake is returning to Japan for the holidays

Despite the elegant appearance, Sushi Cake promises to be as tasty as any other cake made from raw tuna and vinegared rice.

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Evidence of world’s tiniest cat? Pawprint found in ikura

Japanese twitter user finds a miniscule pawprint inside salmon roe.

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Here’s the reason why your expensive ikura sushi often comes with some cheap cucumber slices

It might seem like the restaurant is just out to make an extra buck, but those veggies could be keeping you from making an old-school sushi faux pas.

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Drop the soy sauce and grab the salmon roe! Net users rave about ham sushi bento from Hokkaido

If you have an adventurous palate, get ready to entertain your taste buds with this new take on sushi!

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Can you handle the overflowing sushi rolls at this conveyor belt sushi restaurant in Hokkaido?

Sapporo’s Nagoyaka-tei takes full responsibility for these (literally) over the top roe-lover’s rolls. 

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Staggering servings of salmon roe are waiting for you at these four Tokyo restaurants

There are a couple of distinct price tiers to seafood in Japan. Squid and octopus tend to be very budget-friendly, with a step up in price for sashimi-grade tuna and salmon. Among the most premium offerings of all is where you’ll find salmon roe, or ikura as it’s known in Japanese.

Due to its high cost, ikura is usually served in modest quantities, sometimes seeming more like a garnish than a legitimate component of the meal. However, that’s not the case at these four Tokyo restaurants, which dish up such generous portions that their ikura literally overflows the bowl.

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