Internet cafes

Crazy cheap Internet cafe in Akihabara is the perfect accommodation for the thrifty otaku

With overnight stays costing as low as the price of two meals, travelers can save big and relax in comfortable rooms situated right in the heart of the otaku capital.

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Japanese Internet cafe chain evolves into Internet hotel great for backpackers, budget travelers

Private rooms with lockable doors, showers, mail delivery service, and online reservations in English.

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Man’s feet begin rotting following six-day online gaming binge in Chinese Internet café

Parents often worry that too many video games will rot their kids’ brains, but maybe they should be worrying about their children’s feet instead.

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Akihabara Internet cafe looks like a beautiful Japanese inn, still has tons of free manga to read

Being the very heart of the anime and consumer electronics scene in Japan, it’s no surprise that Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood has Internet cafes where you can also read comics from a massive in-house manga library. But as nice as it can be to immerse yourself in all of the extremely important information available online, or to gorge yourself on a year’s worth of manga at a fraction of the price you’d pay to buy it, you might find yourself wanting to do so in relaxing, even traditional surroundings.

If so, a visit to the Nagomi-Style Cafe Akiba is in order, as it’s the only manga and Internet cafe in Akihabara designed with the look and atmosphere of a Japanese ryokan inn.

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