Japanese housewives

Top 10 food disasters prepared by Japanese wives who have extraordinary talent in the kitchen

So, a week or two ago, we saw this video of a Japanese woman explaining why she thinks Japanese women great girlfriends or wives, and one of the reasons she stated was that Japanese women care a lot about cooking. That’s a wonderful thing. I mean, there’s even a saying that says the best way to win a man’s heart is to first win his stomach.

However, caring about cooking and having the talent and taste buds for cooking are two entirely separate issues. Sorry to burst your bubble if you were thinking that all Japanese girls make fantastic home-cooked meals, because among the Japanese, there is a group of women collectively referred to as meshimazu yome, which means “wives who make unpalatable meals”. A survey by Goo Ranking reveals the top 10 shocking meals made by Japanese wives with… unique tastes. Are you in for a treat?

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Japanese housewives want men to kneel when they pee

One of the pet peeves many housewives have is the accidental sprinkle when their husbands tinkle, which eventually leads to one of the things couples commonly argue over; putting the toilet seat up (or down). It seems it’s impossible for women to understand why men can’t keep their sprinkle within the bowl, and at the same time, men can’t seem to get why women get pissed over a tiny splash.

Some innovative housewives in Japan decided that the best way to solve this issue is to make the men go down on their knees when they use the potty.

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14.8% of Japanese Housewives Claim to Have Committed Adultery, 60.8% of Whom Having 2-5 Partners

Japanese daytime drama “Shiawase no jikan”(Toukai TV station), or “Time of Happiness” in English, has become notorious for setting hearts a-racing and palms a-sweating with to its saucy depiction of extramarital liaisons. In this drama both sexes find themselves, in someway or another, indulging in illicit flings, with most of the affairs getting, shall we say ‘messy’, fairly quickly.

As far as dramas go, adultery or some form of sexual depiction is a secure way to increase the viewing ratings, but what about the marital situation of the ‘real’ Japanese housewives out there? A recent poll has the answers!

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