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Chinese Job Applicant Turned Down because of iPhone

There are few experiences less fun than going through a job interview. That 30 minute walk across eggshells as someone combs through your life story is an exhausting ordeal for many people. One mistaken gesture or misspoken answer can bring your future plans crashing down around you.

Even if you don’t do anything wrong, who knows what kind of prejudices the interviewer may have. Maybe they don’t like the way you comb your hair or your Mötley Crüe face tattoo.

As unfair as those things are, one student looking for work in China recently came across a more heinous form of workplace discrimination – ant-iPhonetism.

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McDonald’s Lures Country’s Best and Brightest By Offering a Free Small Fries for Job Applicants

Good news for anyone who’s out of money and food!  From now until May 13th anyone in Japan who applies for a job and gets an interview at McDonalds will receive a complimentary small order of fries…

Okay, by now you’ve probably recovered from the shock of this amazing news.  According to their recent banner ad which reads “Let’s get started. McCrew: Until 5/13 all interviewees will receive a present of a free small fries.” this is no joke.

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