A video visit to Doai, one of Japan’s most terrifying train stations【Video】

Hundreds of steps below the surface, and if you miss your train, you could be waiting on the dank, dungeon-like platform alone for four hours.

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Japan now has drinkable roasted sweet potato, and it’s practically a dessert in a bottle!

One of Japan’s comfort foods will be available as a hot dessert drink straight from a vending machine! 

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J!NS and Japan Rail East collaborate to bring a small piece of train history to your face

Having a face like the back-end of a bus is less than desirable, but how about a face like the front of a train?

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Petition gathers support for men-only train carriages in Japan

Man (and woman) is born free and everywhere is in trains.

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Spate of violence targets people walking while looking at their phones in Japanese train stations

Japanese train stations get the self-proclaimed “vigilante” heroes they neither need, nor want.

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Japan Railways wants to build a team of robots to help travelers, catch criminals in its stations

JR East sets up new company to help make its robot-filled vision of the future a reality.

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Travel tip! Japan Railways to offer awesome new three-day unlimited pass for Tokyo and east Japan

Planning to spend much, but not all, of your Japan trip in Tokyo? Then this could be an unbeatable deal.

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Construction start date announced for rebuilding of Tokyo’s iconic Harajuku Station

If you want to see the Tokyo landmark in its current form, go now.

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Japan Railways opening reservations for ridiculously luxurious Kyoto-west Japan sleeper train

Train include bathtubs, skylights, and separate restaurant and bar.

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Japanese adult video game voice actress does announcements at JR Niigata Station 【Videos】

Let the voice from Pregnancy Academy and Crime Breast Bounce guide you to the bullet train.

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JR East to re-educate employees after frequent overruns on JR Keiyo Line

CHIBA — JR East says it will re-educate its employees after its trains have been involved in a series of overruns at platforms.

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Tokyo-area rail operator accidentally sends message that everything is OK when it’s really not

You can only trust half of what this Japan Railways display board is telling you.

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Naked man strolls up to Akihabara Station in Tokyo to buy a train ticket 【Photos】

Good thing he had a backpack, because where else was he going to stick his change?

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Pooch with places to be disappointed to find he’s not allowed on the subway

The priceless expression on one dog’s face as he was carried off a train platform in Japan has us in stitches.

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JR East to introduce numbering system at all stations in Tokyo

East Japan Railway Co (JR East) will introduce a numbering system for all its stations in Tokyo starting in October, in a bid to to facilitate navigation for foreigners traveling within the capital ahead of the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Video shows that in Japan, even the train evacuations are orderly 【Video】

After these passengers got stranded, they walked the rest of the way in such a precise line they practically became a train themselves.

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A message from Japanese train station toilet paper: Don’t stare at your smartphone while walking

Earlier this year, nearly 1,200 rail stations in Japan chose to ban the use of selfie sticks in reaction to the dangers of users not paying attention to their surroundings and the general nuisance caused by the photo-snapping peripherals in crowded areas. Now, East Japan Railways, Japan’s largest train operator, is taking aim at another problem: people walking through the station while staring at their smartphones instead of watching where they’re going.

But while you can ban selfie sticks and only ruffle the feathers of tourists and other leisure-oriented train passengers, millions of people rely on their smartphones during their daily commute to keep in touch with family, coworkers, and clients. So instead of prohibiting them, East Japan Railways has started a campaign to remind people not to use their smartphones while walking, and the reminder is so gentle that you can put it in your butt.

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The cutest, must-have bento lunchboxes you can buy and eat on the train

Japanese often say that a good view makes a meal taste better, so it goes without saying that a cute-looking lunchbox would also enhance the contents inside. From meals served in Shinkansen-shaped containers or rabbit-faced boxes that can be reused as coin banks, to lunch boxes that play music or have collector’s items hidden inside, Japan’s ekiben take Japanese food to a whole new level.

Today we’d like to tell you about “Ekiben”, a little book by Aki Tomura which introduces the best and most unique train station lunch boxes in Japan. We’ve chosen just a few to highlight from this gorgeously photographed, pocket-size book. The word Ekiben is a combination of two Japanese words: eki (station) and bento (lunchbox), so make your next train trip a gourmet ride with these bento available at various JR stations—just waiting for you to buy, smile, and devour.

Let the fun begin!

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Use of selfie sticks now banned at 1,195 stations in Japan

With Japanese society’s overlapping loves of photography, smartphones, and social media, it was only a matter of time until selfie sticks took the country by storm. They’re an especially common site at tourist destinations in the country, since no proper Japanese journey is complete without commemorative photos taken of the group posing with the most famous local attraction, Shinkansen, and possibly whatever the local culinary delicacy is.

But as of this weekend, there are 1,195 places where you’ll see plenty of travelers but not a single selfie stick: the train stations of western Japan, which have prohibited their use.

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Attack on Toilets now going on inside Osaka train station bathrooms

Now that the Attack on Titan exhibit has wrapped up in Kyushu, it’s moved on to its next stop, Osaka.

Somewhere along the way, however, the titans and military decided to stage a battle in the middle of Osaka’s central train line, or rather, the train line’s bathrooms. On a mission to remodel some of the not-so-popular toilet facilities located inside five of the stations on the Osaka Loop Line, the bitter enemies are working together for the first time to clean things up.

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