Former employee shows us why a Starbucks “Tall Latte” is a sucker bet

A simple design issue dictates that all lattes are not created equal.

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Join in the holiday cheer by drinking a baked apple at Starbucks Japan this winter

As their third holiday drink this year, Starbucks Japan will be offering baked apples in drinkable form – served either hot or cold! 

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Lactose-free fun for spring as Starbucks’ apricot honey soy cream lattes and Frappuccinos arrive

We try out Starbucks Japan’s two lactose-free drinks for spring, with their new revised soy milk formula!

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Delicious, foamy coffee art at home! We try new 3-D latte art machine “Awataccino”!

As some of our more creative and caffeine-addicted readers might recall, we recently reported that Japan is now supplying a variety of DIY latte-art related goods which will enable anyone to create awe-inspiring masterpieces at home. Of course, we were fascinated by the prospect of being able to stun friends and casual acquaintances with our barista-style foamy coffee sculpting skills. So when the opportunity to test out Takara Tomy’s Awataccino machine came around, we jumped at the chance!

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Cappucino art that’s out of this world: Twitter cappuccino artist shows off his extraterrestrial skills

We’ve seen some pretty cool latte art over the years, but this might be the most, um, unusual we’ve spotted. It’s not exactly cute, but it certainly is out of this world!

From aliens to bunnies to Ghibli’s Catbus, this guy does it all in 3-D foam sculptures atop cups of coffee!

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