Japan’s samurai armor bag collection expands with new designs, colors【Photos】

Now there are even more ways to mix old-school aesthetics with modern fashion.

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Cool onigiri holders from Japan let you carry your rice balls in style

Handmade leather accessories are specially designed for Japan’s greatest, healthiest convenience store snack.

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Japanese brand’s leather hakama will satisfy your samurai and fashionista urges all at once

Kyoto designers give the traditional garments a stylish twist.

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Japanese designer’s goldfish bags are as elegant as the long-tailed beauties they’re styled after

Eye-catching purses are handmade and feature antique gold.

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Four-century-old Japanese leatherworker creates stylish line of Pac-Man lacquer wallets, pouches

Forget Pac-Man fever, it’s time for Pac-Man fashion!

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Protect your cards and cash with the adorable cat-eared Sailor Moon Luna Leather Collection

We’ve seen a number of special releases this year in honour of the girls from the popular Sailor Moon anime series. Now it’s time to pay some attention to Luna, one of the star felines from the cast, with this line of adorable cat-eared leather cases.

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Japan’s elementary school backpacks grow up with new high-class randoseru for adults

Maybe Zooey Deschanel was on to something after all. Last year, pictures surfaced of the Hollywood actress wearing a randoseru, the type of Japanese backpack that for decades has been exclusively used by elementary school kids.

This had many in Japan chuckling, but when you think about it logically, the randoseru is a sturdy, practical, and elegant design. What’s more, ones that are made to quality standards can last for years, so this Japanese company has decided to release a line of randoseru for adults, which it says are sophisticated enough for formal business situations.

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Custom leather armors inspired by iconic characters make for some unique cosplay

Cosplay that looks exactly like the source material is so yesterday’s news. Nowadays plenty of people take a character and use their basic look and color scheme to design a whole new costume never seen before.

People who are looking to go a little medieval with their costumes and aren’t leatherworking experts should probably look to Prince Armory, who design and create uniquely amazing sets of leather armor. Their finished pieces look so gorgeous you’ll probably want to refer to them as art. Art that could probably stop a knife, that is.

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