The Taste of Lies: Can the Taste of a Man’s Face Betray His Wickedness?

With his private all-you-can-eat snow cone factory long since melted away, RocketNews24‘s Mr. Sato was taking a much-needed break in a comfy chair in the corner of the office. Setting a hot cup of tea down on the table beside him, he pulled up one of his favourite manga comics on his iPad- Jojo no Kimyouna Bouken, or JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure in English – and began to read. Around five minutes in, however, Mr. Sato stopped as he came across a scene in which the character Buccellati licks hero Giorno’s cheek in order to ascertain whether he is telling the truth. Able to taste the salts secreted in a liar’s perspiration, Buccellati was able to tell whether his companions were pulling the wool over his eyes.

Could the taste of a person’s cheek really reveal whether they are telling dirty, horrible fibs? Could this be a secret technique that top criminal investigators employ to help pin down a guilty man? Mr. Sato sidled over to unfortunate coworker Mr. H and asked him to help him test the theory.

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