Return of our favorite cat duo: Maru & Hana starring in “Box and Cats 15″【Video】

We all know Maru. We love him, watch his videos on YouTube and then wonder how we can make our own animals as amazing as he is. This time around, Maru and his companion Hana find themselves with a new box. The newest challenger is long and rectangular with a perfect circle cut out of one end. What will happen next?!?!?! Drum roll please!!!!

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World-famous Japanese cat Maru gets a new pal, learns a cool new tail trick 【Video】

You might be thinking we’ve been posting an awful lot of articles about cats recently, from stories about cat islands to black-cat cafés, and even one about wearable cats, but here’s one more to end the week with, because they told us to publish it and we’re too scared to disobey.

It would seem that Maru, possibly the most famous cat on YouTube right now, not only has a new friend to play with, but he’s found a novel use for his fluffy tail…

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Cats in boxes: Get ready to scream “kawaiiiiiiiiiiii!”

At last! The weekend is here and it is time to get wild! How wild, you ask, bottles of alcohol at the ready. How about…cats in boxes wild! That’s pretty crazy, right?

Yes? Glad you agree! Click below for the best pictures of cats in boxes the Japanese Internet has to offer.

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Maru turns six, Celebrates with an adorable video montage!

Maru, the world’s most loved cat, just turned six! In celebration of his birthday, Maru’s owner made a video compilation of  his antics during 2012. The video already has over one million views in three days.

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Maru, The Most Popular (And Possibly Cutest) Dog in the World 【Photo Gallery】

Meet Maru, an adorable five-year-old Shiba Inu from Japan. This little guy isn’t any old dog; he’s the most popular dog in the world. Don’t believe us? Just check out his Instagram account and the 1,800 photos with about 400 comments… each. Most human beings don’t even get that much attention on the Internet. It’s hard to say why Maru is so popular, but the following photo gallery might give you a good idea.

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It’s Hump Day! Take a Tip from Our Furry Friend Maru and Relax

Japanese Internet celebrity Maru has been on the scene for a few years now, shooting to stardom when his owner, YouTube user Mugumogu, uploaded a series of videos of the cat launching himself into boxes and paper bags seemingly far too small to accommodate him. These days, he’s taking life a little easier, but I think we could all learn a thing or two from Maru: the undisputed king of sunshine naps.

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