Japan surprised to find Justin Bieber and world praying for them

On the morning of Saturday, November 14, many Japanese Beliebers, along with some Non-Beliebers and Agnobiebers, awoke and checked into Twitter as usual only to find the famous Canadian pop star declaring that he was praying for their souls right alongside those of the people of Paris.

Confused and a little concerned, I—a card-carrying Agnobeiber—showed the above tweet to my coworkers, all of whom were equally baffled as to why Justin Bieber should be praying for them, considering nothing out of the ordinary happened here in Japan.

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A shocking report came out of China earlier this week in which an official government news corporation released more than 30 photographs via two of its major news outlets “revealing” the suffering of a young woman being executed by lethal injection. Little explanation was given aside from the news bulletin’s title, “Photo Compilation of Female Convict’s Execution,” so it’s unclear what reaction the writers of the news post were hoping for. All we do know is that the source of the images is actually an adult fetish site, rather than some kind of state-run penitentiary.

That’s right. China’s official news source appears to have mistaken porn for capital punishment.

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