Japan creates pancake pudding, simultaneously hits two comfort food bullseyes

Clever container even has its own self-contained maple syrup serving.

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Pancakes on a stick are Japan’s hottest new food trend

The one store that sells these delectable treats is just as cute as the skewered pancakes themselves!

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Celebrate pancakes with a maple syrup bath at this famous Japanese hot spring resort

Sweet dreams are made of baths with a maple syrup.

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Japanese chef’s awesome giant pancake makes us want to cook them the old fashioned way again

Drawing inspiration from an internationally beloved children’s book, chef creates a hybrid pancake/cookie.

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How to make amazing sweet apple pancakes using a rice cooker 【RocketKitchen】

We’re back in the RocketKitchen for a super-easy dessert recipe to impress family and friends with this holiday season.

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Epic food fails: Howl’s Moving Castle pancake ends up looking like something from a horror film

This cute character from Studio Ghibli gets up to mischief in the kitchen, nails it with a frightening result.

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We try a delicious pancake burger from Eggs ‘n Things in Tokyo

The unusual burger is one of a number of restaurant meals usually not available to the public that can be purchased at a very special food event for a limited time.

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Matcha pancakes with green tea chocolate cream glaze now on the menu at Japanese cafe

More matcha is always a good thing.

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Tokyo cafe offers all-you-can-eat pancakes for less than ten bucks!

With four delicious flavours on offer, this is the sweetest deal around town.

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Japanese cafe chain serves up purple pancakes for Halloween

The sweet stack isn’t the only brightly coloured item on the menu!

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Could this be the reason why Alola Raichu is so darn cute?

Well, I guess it’s not too far out of the realm of possibility…

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McDonald’s Japan gives Aichi Prefecture residents an exclusive new menu item: Ogura Hotcakes

The area-specific sweet will be available for a limited time only.

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Pancake cafe from Fukuoka comes to Tokyo — and we love their divinely fluffy pancakes!

Hona Cafe, the popular pancake eatery from Fukuoka Prefecture in southern Japan, has arrived in Tokyo and is offering Tokyoites a taste of sweet, fluffy heaven!

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Denny’s Japan offers mountain of pancakes and ice cream to guests on their birthday—for free!

Join our Japanese writer on a taste-test of dreams. We promise this is the only birthday cake you’ll ever need!

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What are you waiting for? Sakura pancakes are in Japanese convenience stores right now!

How can these cherry blossom blessings be so delicious yet cost barely more than a buck?

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Matcha green tea pancake mix coming to Japanese grocery stores next month

Move over, maple. There’s a new pancake flavoring in town!

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Japanese chefs discover their sandwich makers can also make pancakes, mochi, and more 【Photos】

Who knew the seemingly specialized kitchen gadget was so multitalented?

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Japanese restaurant makes awesome anime and game character pancake art, takes requests 【Videos】

Even if you’re not ordinarily a very artistic person, we bet you get a spark of inspiration when you’ve got a pancake on your plate. Who hasn’t drawn a doodle or sketched a smiley face in maple syrup, or at least initialed their flapjacks with the sticky, tasty condiment?

After all, tasty as they may be, pancakes look pretty dull if you don’t add any decoration…unless you’re dining at this restaurant in Japan where the pancakes come pre-decorated with images of Pikachu, Mario, and dozens of other anime and video game characters.

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Japanese pancake artist offers new batch of amazingly edible pancake character art!

Pancakes have existed since the Greek and Roman eras, and are one of the oldest surviving forms of food made from grain. Whether or not it’s the king of breakfast foods may be debatable, but almost every culture has their own version of this delicious treat.

Since Japan’s pancake kick over the past couple of years, we’ve introduced a number of ways you can add more pancakes to your breakfast or snack menu, like this rice cooker recipe for beginners, or for those of you looking to impress, this pancake character art that almost looks too amazing to eat.

This time we’ve got the scoop on pancake art from another artist in Japan, whipping up plates of not only classic cartoon and anime characters, but other more recent anime and manga favorites as well.

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The joy of pancakes, and why they might kill you

Although hardly new, Japan has been undergoing something of a boom in pancake consumption in recent years. With several trendy new restaurants opening up around the country, there has also been a significant rise in the popularity of homemade pancakes as well. Yes, with its warm and fluffy texture and mildly sweet flavor it’s certainly hard to turn down a hotcake, isn’t it?

While everyone is having a good time with their pancakes, some researchers and medical professionals would like to remind us all that pancakes and similar flour based foods have the potential to not only make us very ill, but in some cases may lead to death.

But before you go cursing out these wet blankets of science for ruining yet another beloved food with their health warnings, there’s actually an incredibly easy way to not die from eating flapjacks as well.

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