Full-body panties go on sale in Japan to serve the needs of “panty maniacs”

One-piece undergarment promises the joy of feeling panties on your upper body too.

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Space gets sexy as Japanese Twitter users see solar eclipse as shapely woman’s thighs【Photos】

To some, the celestial bodies look more like a sexy body in hot pants and panties.

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Japanese panty pillowcases are disturbingly versatile【Video】

Manufacturer tells customers to look forward to staining and smells.

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Gal Gun English collector’s edition includes handy screen wipe shaped like girls’ panties

Every game should come with a pair of panties.

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Kimono panties are here to add a little Japanese tradition to your lingerie rotation

Panties, kimono, and loincloths converge in these femininely fashionable undergarments.

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Keep your head as warm as your buns this winter with a “panty-hat”

Autumn is in full gear and day by day the weather is getting chillier. Sooner than you know, you’re going to be needing to keep your head warm, so why not grab a pair of underwear to wear on your head? Oh, your usual underwear is too breezy? Don’t worry, because now you can buy hats that look just like underwear!

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Enjoy the look and feel of underwear on your face with Pantsu Mask

Although the use of surgical masks in Japan is widespread during cold and allergy seasons, those of us from other countries still can’t help but feel awkward walking down the street wearing one.

It sure would be nice to have something more discreet, wouldn’t it? And what’s more discreet than underwear? If that line of logic makes sense to you, then you better order Pantsu Mask. It’s a face mask with the shape and feel of a pair of panties.

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Brace yourselves, because panty-scrunchies are now real, buyable accessories

Not that we like to brag or anything, but we totally called the newest fashion trend to hit Japan: panty scrunchies!

One year ago, we posted an article about how some Japanese net users were having a hard time seeing the difference between hair scrunchies and frilly underwear. It seems as if at least one pair of designers took that story to heart, since earlier this month they unveiled a new accessory based on that exact concept!

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PanTea? This pair of granny panties in a teapot can be yours for only 1 million yen!

If you’re like me, then you certainly love gazing at a piece of modern art while sipping white wine out of a vinegar dispenser with a wilted rose floating inside. But if you’re one of those weirdos who doesn’t, then you may wonder why this pair of granny panties soaking in a teapot is on sale with an asking price of 1,081,728 yen (US$8,753).

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Want to drink like an adult? Have a beverage in one of these panty-glasses

Kids, it’s time to go to bed, so the adults can do adult things, like drink whiskey out of glasses shaped to look like a girl’s lower region (don’t worry, she has panties on)!

A Japanese company has recently had some success selling one such panty-inspired beverage holder, so they’ve decided to come out with another, “less innocent,” panty design. You can learn how you too can have a “pantiful life,” after the jump.

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Handy dandy panty infographic assembled in Japan because… why not?!?

It’s not entirely incorrect to say that Japan is crazy about women’s underwear. There is the infamous urban legend about vending machines that sell used women’s panties and you’ve got the inevitable “panty thief” who makes an appearance in any harem anime or manga. So when someone uploads a chart documenting the different styles of women’s underwear with accompanying illustrations, most people would probably think “Oh, Japan.”

But it turns out that this infographic is more educational than scandalous as the information contained is actually kind of useful, especially if you find yourself shopping for underwear in Japan. Pull up a chair and get ready to become overly prepared for women’s underwear.

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Glassware for dining at the V? Panty-clad cups selling fast 【Photos】

Sometimes a story comes across your desk that is so wacko, you just sit and stare at it for ages trying to wrap your brain around it. That happened to me this morning when I saw that an unusual item at the built-to-order site was selling fast. That item? Hand-blown panty-wearing drinking glasses at a whopping 8,640 yen (US$72.12) a pop.

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Peaches packaged in pairs of panties provoke protests in PRC

It’s summer which means it’s the season for peaches! These sweet and juicy fruits are believed to have originated in China and thrive there to this day, with the Asian nation producing over half of the world’s supply. But inside the People’s Republic, this level of familiarity has locals disinterested, inspiring growers to look for ways to spice things up between consumers and peaches. And so, to reignite people’s passion for the fuzzy fruits, they slipped on pairs of sheer panties.

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Fundoshi Panties bring back traditional Japanese underwear style, promise a good night’s sleep

RocketNews24 has long stood behind the traditional Japanese loincloth known as a fundoshi. Every year when Fundoshi Day (14 February) rolls around we’re always sure to endorse fundoshi for all of their physical and spiritual benefits.

And now we have reason #165 on why fundoshi are awesome. They can help to prevent sleeping problems for women. At least, that’s the claim made by the makers of Fundoshi Panties now on sale in a mook by Makino Shuppan.

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Bras and panties for men just got even pinker and fluffier

Earlier in the year, we brought you the news that you can now buy men’s bras and panties on Japanese shopping site Rakuten. Well, the online retailer – the beautifully named Wish Room Men’s – have released their new spring range. We are pleased to announce that it’s even pinker, frillier, and more adorable than ever!

Join us after the jump for impressively muscled manikins, lacy panties, and A-cups galore.

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Sailor Moon lingerie selfies have arrived!

By now we’re sure you’ve heard of the very sexy and yet oh so cute Sailor Moon lingerie sold by Peach John in Japan. The bra and panty combo went on sale on February 19, but as you might expect, were quickly snatched up by fans of the series. But now thanks to these selfies taken by Twitter user, itsuki_akira, we can still imagine what it might have been like to turn into a sexy Sailor Scout (or witness your girlfriend turn into one). Enjoy!

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Bras and panties for men – Online retailer in Japan offers men the chance to feel pretty

When we first laid eyes on the following photos, we thought they were part of some kind of elaborate joke, but our Japanese sister site Pouch has it on good authority that one online retailer is now selling bras, panties and even silky nightgowns that, despite looking exactly like something you’d find in a lady’s bedroom drawer, are actually intended for men.

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It’s tough being a girl. We’re not saying it’s easy being a guy, but guys generally have fewer worries about being victims of stealthy up-skirt shots, wandering hands, or worse. To put an end to such worries, some overly creative designers in Thailand created a pair of security panties that promises to protect your girly bits and ward off a man’s lustful thoughts at the same time.

Sounds like a sure-sell product, doesn’t it? But as always, things that sound too good to be true usually come with a catch. And the catch in this pair of panties is, to put it bluntly, a built-in PENIS.

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DIY panty-shots: Something about these panty-flashing figurines isn’t right 【Photos】

There’s a fad sweeping Japanese Twitter accounts right nowmwhich involves putting scrunchies (elastic hair ties covered in ruffled fabric) around the waists of girly figurines to make it look as though the characters are on the brink of a panty shot. The scrunchies sit much like a skirt, but billow as though affected by a strong breeze. This method works especially well with figures wearing bathing suits.

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