Peach John

One Piece official lingerie and bikinis: further proof that the pirate anime is for grown-ups too

Japanese intimate apparel company that brought us Sailor Moon panties turns its eyes to another icon of the anime world.

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Japan’s kimono-style bra and panties bring traditional motif to modern lingerie design【Photos】

Japan’s most playful intimate apparel company looks back to the country’s roots in creating its latest offering.

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Japanese lingerie company creates “Fest-Bras” to be worn outside during summer festival season

The popular lingerie retailer is daring its customers to bare their bras to the world this summer.

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Japanese lingerie maker Peach John charms us with line of Alice in Wonderland themed loungewear

Now you can relax in comfortable loungewear while feeling like you’re in Alice’s Wonderland!!

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Pikachu panties are part of new collection of Pokémon merchandise for grown-up female fans!

Original Pokémon fans are all grown up now, so it’s time to sell them some more revealing garments.

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New China-themed lingerie from Peach John is sexy, adorable, and manga-inspiring!

If you like form-fitting, beautifully embroidered Chinese dresses, this could be the perfect treat for you and your partner!

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New Evangelion lingerie and roomwear range features five favourite characters and a penguin!

The world of intimate apparel has taken an animated turn recently, with online fashion retailer SuperGroupies creating bra and panty sets inspired by the female pilots’ plugsuits from Neon Genesis Evangelion and popular lingerie and women’s apparel brand Peach John releasing Sailor Moon lingerie.

Now Peach John is coming out with its own Eva-inspired line of roomwear and intimates, featuring matching bras and panties with gorgeous Evangelion details, a nightie and even a Pen Pen onesie to lounge about the house in.

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Sailor Moon x Peach John lingerie re-released, available now with 17 outfits to choose from!

We’ve written a lot about the Peach John and Bandai collaboration, and the amazing Sailor Moon lingerie and sleepwear sets they’ve been producing.

While we’ve mostly been filling you in on pre-order sale notices and upcoming releases, the popular line of outfits has been so sought after that they’ve been almost impossible to purchase. But today, dear readers, we have for you the best news of all. Due to the huge response from fans, the entire Sailor Moon collection is available online right now!

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