People’s Daily

China’s People’s Daily newspaper promotes dancing boy as “the future King of Salsa”

Watch out, salsa dancers of the world — you’re about to be in for some stiff competition!

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China’s state-run media runs article promoting gel-filled girly 3-D mousepad

In an odd move of journalism, the largely conservative Chinese government-run media outlet, People’s Daily, has come out with a rather glowing review of a pair of mousepads designed after a popular manga and anime character.

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[Breaking News] North Korea Deemed “Best Country To Raise Children” by China’s State Run Media

People often criticize China’s media for their practice of censorship, but recently the Communist Party’s official newspaper People’s Daily blew the lid on a story that no other news organization dared speak of.

Only the People’s Daily should be commended for their expose regarding North Korea’s deep, deep love of children.  How much do they love kids? According to the writer of the article, North Korea’s Future Is Raised In Love, their kindergarteners eat 5 squares a day.

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