Horror pizza lives! The Bloody Zombino returns to Aoki’s Pizza

But we left that pizza chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake last year… How could it?!

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Japan’s Domino’s Pizza commercial features chickens, pigs, and a huge serving of weird 【Video】

Now we know what our pizzas are doing when we’re not watching.

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Bathe in yakiniku grilled beef, beer and more with new bath powders from Japan

Realise your dreams of becoming your favourite food or drink with six new weird and crazy flavours to soak in.

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We try an amazing all-you-can-eat pizza deal for less than three bucks in Tokyo

Family restaurant chain Olive Hill offers up a whopping 10 pizza varieties as part of their eat-until-you-drop lunch special.

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Cherry blossom cotton candy pizza sounds too good to be true, but it actually exists in Tokyo

Kanda brew pub combines three of the best things in life.

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Five times our Japanese-language reporters added 85 bucks of “extras” to food orders in 2016

Taking “all you can eat” to new and obnoxiously disgusting heights in 2016.

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Move over KFC! Japan is serving slices of New York-style pizza for 99 yen this Christmas

Enjoy a 99-yen (US$0.99) highball with your pizza too!

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Salvatore Cuomo restaurants are offering an all-you-can-eat pizza & pasta lunch buffet for cheap

Craving some carbs? Indulge in this limited-time weekday lunch special for only 800 yen (US$7) per person.

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Is ramen pizza just crazy enough to work? Japanese restaurant’s unusual menu lets us find out

And yes, of course ramen pizza comes with one of Japan’s favorite toppings.

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Domino’s Pizza delivery bikes are cosplaying as adorable reindeer this Christmas in Japan

’Tis the season for crazy ideas from Japan’s most playful pizza delivery chain.

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We asked Pizza Hut to add 75 bucks’ worth of corn to our pizza in true Japanese style

Do you like a lot of corn on your pizza? Then you might be Japanese.

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Move over, Double Down! KFC has a crazy new way to deliver chicken in the form of the Chizza

Fried chicken doubles up as the foundation of another of our favorite foods: pizza!

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Japanese hobbyist makes real tiny pizzas in a fully working, smoking miniature wood-fired oven!

Take a look at these amazing pictures to see how the tiny brick oven was made to scale.

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Pizza Hut teams up with Japanese fitness chain to bring you “diet pizzas”【Taste Test】

New pizzas promise you can still keep the pounds off, but without the cravings.
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From Rome to Tokyo: Trapizzino’s Italian pizza sandwiches are delish

Tasty, Rome-style Italian pizza sandwiches have hit Tokyo, and we couldn’t resist shoving several of them in our faces. Nom!

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Don’t throw away those old water bottles — use them for cooking instead!

Short on cookware or want to minimize clean-up time after dinner? Skip the recycling center and use your old bottles to whip up something good!

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Baked fresh to your specs in just one minute: 800 Degrees Pizza opens first store in Japan

Neapolitan-style pizza comes to Shinjuku, with fully customisable pies baked from raw to crisp perfection in only one minute using wood-burning ovens.

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Chocolatier Max Brenner welcomes spring with pavlova, cherry blossom & delicious green tea pizza

Because there’s no better way to welcome spring than with a sweet serving of sakura and matcha.

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Cooking pizza in a burning cardboard box, and other unconventional recipes

Cookpad is easily the largest community cooking website for getting new Japanese recipes to try out in the kitchen. Started in 1997, it grew to be so popular that two years ago it expanded its user base by launching an English version.

It goes without saying that you can find a dish for pretty much anything you have lying around in your kitchen, but because most of the recipes are posted by amateurs, you might have to weed some of the stranger ones out by taking a look at their reviews.

Fortunately there seems to be a whole crew of users willing and waiting to take a hit for the team and try out the latest recipe, including a recently posted recipe for making pizza that requires putting the uncooked crust and toppings inside a box and setting the box on fire. How  does it measure up? One net user decided to photograph and review the process.

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Ramen Noodle Pizza and Natto Okonomiyaki Pizza now finally a reality!

We’ve seen some strange pizza toppings in the past. From Kit Kats to squid ink, Japan certainly knows how to deliver when it comes to thinking outside of the box.

Now, there are two new awesome pizzas on the menu: Ramen Noodle and Natto Okonomiyaki. And that’s not all – both items are being offered as part of a collaboration using local ingredients that hark back to the 1960s. Available from Aoki’s Pizza from September 10, this is an opportunity that’s not to be missed!

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