Polish songstress releases debut Japanese album, shares her loves and dislikes about Japan

Find out her thoughts on Japanese courtesy, thoroughness, tattoos and white lies.

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Artist’s interpretation of Pokémon GO: we’re the ones being caught and trained

This painting is darker than an Umbreon.

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When it comes to advertising, we can’t fully agree with the saying that “sex sells”, but we can’t deny the fact that a touch of sex appeal in commercials do have an effect in attracting the glances of many. Advertising and packaging featuring alluring ladies have been around since the 19th century, and have on many occasions sparked controversy, deliberately or not.

We’ve seen girls in skimpy outfits modeling for cars, sexy starlets promoting anything from perfume to apparel to even burgers. Just when we thought that such means of provocative advertising can no longer surprise us, some marketing geniuses from Poland gave us the kiss of death with their calendar featuring voluptuous beauties posing with coffins.

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Thousands of Paper Lanterns Illuminate the Night Sky in Poland to Celebrate Summer Solstice

If you were to measure your life in sights that left you spellbound, whether they be of natural beauty or formed by the hand of man, to what extent could you say you have truly ‘lived’?

Okay, existential conundrums aside, a beautiful view can be a pretty life-affirming experience. On June 21, the sky above the Polish city of Ponzan was transformed into such a view when 50,000 paper were released into the night sky to celebrate the summer solstice, known as St John’s Night.

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How to Convert Minutes to Cheeseburgers? New McD’s Ad Campaign

You will stop thinking in minutes and hours, and start seeing time in terms of cheeseburgers and milkshakes, if the McDonald’s new ad campaign’s persuasive power works its charms.

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