Tokyo’s famous giant Golden Poo disappears from view, but is it gone for good?

Some would be glad to see the Asakusa landmark go, but others dread the idea of a unique aspect of local architecture being wiped away.

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Eat shit and learn Japanese with educational poo-inspired candies from Japan

Professor Poop wants to impart you with kanji knowledge during his temporary stay in your digestive system.

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Shitty Shinjuku – 30-meter streak of human turd spotted in Tokyo’s busiest train station

Once again, human feces deliver a smelly shock to rail travelers.

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Tokyo’s newest mascot character: a smiling bright pink turd laid by Japan’s most famous dog【Vid】

The unofficial ambassador for Shibuya and Harajuku makes sure to keep the statue of famously loyal dog Hachiko clean.

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Shitty Shibuya – Dozens of human turds discovered on Tokyo train platform

Shibuya may not be the cleanest neighborhood in Tokyo, but even for this part of town, this is shocking.

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Keep yourself entertained during long loo breaks with poo-themed mobile game【TGS 2015】

While sniffing out the most interesting things on offer at this year’s Tokyo Game Show 2015, we came across one game that was making quite a splash with its bizarre theme and crazy advertising. How could RocketNews24 resist talking to the guy in a bright yellow bodysuit with a poo hat on his head?!

I took the opportunity to talk with Dice Creative, the developers of new poo-themed mobile game PooPride, and I was impressed by just how much passion and excitement they have for excrement.

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UNICEF produces 4-minute-long song about poop【Video】

The newest song to hit India is about an unprecedented topic: poop. The song was written by Shri, celebrated composer of the promo song for Life of Pi, and the animated video features hordes of poo piles assailing horrified people holding their noses and running for their lives. Now why is UNICEF involved with something that sounds like the plot from a niche B-movie horror flick?

While most people in developed countries take it for granted that they can find a functioning bathroom anytime they need one, that is not true everywhere. In developing countries like India, sanitation has not always kept up with exploding populations. It’s estimated that half the country’s residents defecate in public, leading to a daily addition of 65 million kilograms (71,650 tons) of feces in public places. Almost none of the poorest 20% ever have access to toilets and have no choice but to defecate outdoors.

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