Japanese companies poke fun at their own products in hilariously self-deprecating advertisements

These companies are very aware the absurdity of their brands.

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Star Wars director Rian Johnson prays for upcoming film’s success at scenic Kyoto temple

Unveils an incredibly cool Japanese ink painting that we all want to adorn in our rooms.

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New stylish rental car turns heads, lets you zip around Japan in Asian-style sophistication

The perfect companion for your next trip to Japan.

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Pringles ups the ante with free Bluetooth speakers!

Can’t put down that can of Pringles? Why not get a Bluetooth speaker while you’re at it?

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Japanese Twitter user shares darkly compelling take on sushi restaurant’s advertisement

Once you’ve seen it, you can’t unsee the backstory some think lies behind this picture.

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Promotional event convinces us Kyoto’s Uji City is an area worth both exploring and tasting!

We learn a little about Uji City and its famous tea and also try green tea sweets by Uji-born celebrity pastry chef Toshi Yoroizuka!

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Nissin Cup Noodle is offering a promotional life-size water-dispensing cow

Yes, you read that title correctly! As part of their promotional campaign for the “Milk Seafood” flavor of cup noodle, Nissin is giving away a life-size plastic cow water dispenser to one lucky instant ramen fan. Simply fill up your cow with water, wait for the cow to heat up, and then “milk” out as much hot water as you need to fill up your Cup Noodle. Join us after the jump for a look at the amusing commercial behind this wacky promotion!

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Déjà vu? Japanese baseball’s movie poster spoof is sure to get fans’ attention

When we first saw the above poster advertising a Hanshin Tigers farm league baseball game, we did a double-take and sat there scratching our heads for a few minutes. “That poster looks so familiar…but something seems just a little off,” we mused. After mulling it over for a few minutes, it finally dawned on us: “Oh, that image is almost an exact copy of a recently released movie’s promotional poster!”

Can you figure out which movie this poster is parodying?   

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McDonald’s Taiwan serves up fast food with cat ears, schoolgirl uniforms and a salute!

We recently found a McDonald’s in Taiwan with cashiers who served customers in ultra-cute pink maid uniforms, but apparently that was just the beginning. Not happy with just catering to McDonald’s customers with maid fetishes, this particular McDonald’s has been branching out and workers were seen wearing the iconic Japanese-style schoolgirl outfit, knee-high stockings and cat ears. These cat-eared Sailor Moon-inspired costumes were a big hit and have left netizens all over the world wanting more!

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Japanese product promotion invites women to snuggle up with foreign hotties in bathrobes

Women in Japan were feeling a little left out when the charity breast squeeze event came into town this past summer. Sure, some women like to squeeze a boob every now and then, but there was never any naughty public happening created with ladies in mind. That is until now.

For a limited time only, the women of Japan can enjoy sandwiching themselves between two bathrobe-clad foreigners without having to donate a single yenny.

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McDonald’s Japan Gives Away Free Breakfasts to Ease Monday Blues


McDonald’s is already known for cheap prices, but it’s about to get a whole lot cheaper: as in free. At least it will if you stop by for breakfast on your way to work Monday. Read More

【Cheapskate News】 McDonald’s Japan Giving Away Free Hamburgers (Again)

Is there no end to the Golden Arches’ generosity?

Just as the restaurant’s french fry offer comes to an end– but not before some teenagers took full advantage– McDonald’s Japan has announced that it’s about to give away free hamburgers.

That’s right- even to degenerates like you and me!

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