Ranma 1/2

Indulge in some ’90s anime nostalgia with Ranma ½ 30th anniversary line of apparel

Don’t worry–wearing the following clothes will not cause you to abruptly switch sexes (unless you’ve previously fallen into a cursed spring and happen to get wet). 

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Artist Rumiko Takahashi’s popular characters Ranma and Lum have now become… instant ramen!

Fans of manga artist Rumiko Takahashi will be happy to know that a slightly unexpected new product featuring her work will soon be hitting stores—instant ramen!

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Ranma 1/2’s Happōsai voice actor Ichirô Nagai passes away

Ichirô Nagai, the voice actor of Sazae-san‘s Namihei and Ranma ½‘s Happōsai, was discovered after he had collapsed in a Hiroshima City hotel on Monday morning. He was taken to a hospital, but he passed away. He was 82.

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