Japanese kitty shows us that a cat pillow is a critical component of a proper cat nap【Video】

Hope you don’t have anything important to do today, because these two kitties are about to convince you that you need a nap right now.

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Super-comfy sofa is threatening to turn our reporter into a human-sloth hybrid【Pics】

It might be incredibly supportive, but it sucks the will to be productive right out of you.

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Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow: For if you don’t know to hug your pillow or let it hug you

We’ve talked before about Japan’s love affair with gigantic hug pillows. Even if they’re not covered with pictures of your anime or celebrity crush, dakimakura, as they’re called in Japanese, have a number of physiological advantages, as well as the psychological benefits some people reap from having something to hold as they sleep.

Of course, some people also feel more secure and relaxed being held as they sleep, which is why Japan has a new, double-pronged huggy pillow that can hug you back.

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Lazy cat shows us how to do a three-day holiday properly

It was a three-day weekend over here in Japan thanks to the Autumn equinox and the heat finally gave us a break, making it absolutely wonderful! With cool weather and so much time, surely everyone was really productive, right? I mean, nothing’s better than taking a few days to really get stuff done! I bet everyone was busying with things like reading a science book, cleaning the house, studying a foreign language, or going for long nature hikes.

Or maybe people were more like this adorable, sleepy-eyed cat.

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