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Food Fight! Mos Burger to Take on McDonald’s in the Breakfast Arena

MOS (Mountain Ocean, Sun) Food Services announced on the 18th that it would open all 1,400 of its MOS Burger outlets at 7:00 a.m. by the end of the year. The hamburger chain already operates 430 of its stores from that early hour and plans to progressively open the remainder at that time. McDonald’s Japan had been aggressive in the breakfast space with its “Morning Mac” campaign, and MOS Burger’s move is expected to intensify competition. At a press conference MOS President and CEO Atsushi Sakurada explained that the number of people eating breakfast out was increasing, especially among the elderly and working women, adding, “Change in the morning person market is accelerating. I want to strengthen our preparedness.”

Could this mean additional woes for an already troubled McDonald’s Japan?

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Tasty, Easy, Quick and Affordable! Mos Burger Lets You Eat Tempura and Rice with One Hand

Yes, we Japanese love tempura, and it’s also one of the better known Japanese foods around the world. If you’re a fan of the dish, I’m sure just thinking about the light, crispy batter and the sweet flavorful sauce is enough to make your mouth water. What’s more, tempura in Japan can be enjoyed as haute cuisine at high-end restaurants like Tenichi (where a full course dinner might cost you between US$100 and $300), or a completely casual yet tasty meal at joints like Tenya, where a very decent tendon (tempura on rice) costs about $5 to $8.

Now, popular Japanese fast food chain Mos Burger makes tempura even more accessible to the average consumer by offering special tempura based rice burgers for a limited time. Read More