Dumb criminal in Japan tries to sell stolen goods back to shop he just robbed seven minutes ago

Criminals are sometimes urged to return to the scene of the crime, but usually not this soon.

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Japanese convenience store clerk stops robbery with wooden kendo sword and fighting pose

“I should tell you that I’m first dan,” he informs would-be thief.

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54-year-old Japanese woman stops armed robbery at her convenience store with her brute strength

When her much-younger, knife-wielding assailant asked her for the money, she decided that the time for talk was done, and the time for action was now.

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83-year-old convicted of armed robbery, “I wanted to eat better food and have fun with girls”

Some habits die hard, as with this octogenarian thief.

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Bear assists police in catching three violent robbers in Tochigi Prefecture

Bears say only we can prevent forest fires, but they’ll help out when preventing robberies.

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Hyogo man robs taxi driver, driver buys man dinner, man turns self in to police

When threatened to hand over his cash, this driver gave some advice instead.

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Restaurant manager arrested for armed robbery…of his own restaurant

“Aren’t you our manager?” asked a shocked member of staff when a man wearing a mask and sunglasses and brandishing a kitchen knife entered the restaurant and demanded money.

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Aichi man arrested for shoplifing, throwing own feces at security to escape

On the afternoon of 3 September, a 59-year-old man walked into a shopping mall in Higashi Ward, Nagoya. He then grabbed two packs of roast pork from a supermarket and concealed them as he began to leave the premises without paying. A security guard had noticed the act of petty shoplifting, however, and a chase quickly ensued.

The perpetrator was no match for the younger and more agile guard, who managed to catch the man before escaping out the parking garage. However, just as the security guard grabbed the man’s shoulder to turn him around, he was struck by an unexpected counter-attack of the most smelly kind.

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Man arrested for robbery in Shandong had just visited temple to give thanks for not getting caught

There’s something about tales of inept criminality that we just can’t resist, especially when it seems like a case of fate conspiring against the wrong-doer. Like the man arrested for robbery in China’s Shandong province on Thursday who was on his way back from a temple, having gone to give thanks for not being caught.

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Digital-age robber epically owned by analog granny at convenience store in Fukuoka

What started off as a basic robbery attempt turned into a mortifying experience for one wannabe robber in Fukuoka Prefecture. Seriously, either the konbini gods were conspiring against him or he met his ultimate match in an old woman, but either way, his attempt at crime was completely foiled thanks to an unusual series of events.

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Saudi Arabian TV tempts would-be thieves in Tokyo to test Japan’s honesty

Besides great sushi, great customer service and ubiquitous vending machines, another great thing about living in Japan is the relatively low crime rate there. Although the country certainly has its criminals (including very cute and cuddly ones), visitors, tourists and expats in Japan routinely extol how Japanese culture has created a society where even a wallet full of cash will be returned to its owner most of the time. After hearing about Japan’s reputation for being an honest, rule-abiding country, a Saudi Arabian TV show created a social experiment to see what would happen when they left a very conspicuous wallet on the busy streets of Tokyo.

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Man steals ~$130,000 alligator coat by putting it on and walking out of Hong Kong store

An unidentified Chinese man in his thirties or forties stole an alligator coat valued at approximately $128,000 from a Hong Kong Burberry store by putting it on and just walking out the front door on Wednesday, authorities told South China Morning Post.

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Woman Arrested for Attempting to Rob Convenience Store, Attempt Was So Bad She May Get Off

Remember the bank robber who waited on the sofa at the request of his “victim” tellers? He may have competition for most polite criminal with a 23-year-old woman from the rural town of Noto, Japan.

In fact, her attempt at armed robbery of a convenience store was so gentle police are currently unsure what charges they can press.

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High School Class Commits Robbery En Mass, Causes International Incident

Back in high school, the best my friends and I could come up with to cause a ruckus was a little underage drinking, but kids these days can manage to bring countries to the brink of war with their shenanigans. Lawless whippersnappers!

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Japanese Thieves Steal Thousands of Lottery Tickets, “Hardly Won a Damn Thing”

For those of you who enjoy playing the lottery, here’s a story that should help put your odds of winning in perspective.

Last December, painter Shigeru Aikoh was arrested from robbing a Kushikatsu (deep fried snacks) restaurant in Settsu, Osaka.  However, prefectural police later discovered he was a part of a four man group responsible for a year-long crime spree around the prefecture totaling 4.5 million yen (US$572,000).

However, much to Aikoh’s dismay a fair chunk of that loot had turned out to be totally worthless.

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Mass Looting of Truck Accident Leaves Driver with Sour Grapes

Have you ever wondered why some people are massive jerks?  Occasionally you’ll come across someone who just seems to loath everyone and is a misery to be around.  You figure that something terrible must have happened in the person’s past to make them that way.

During a truck accident on a highway in Lanzhou, China, one of these people may have just been created when a driver had his whole cargo of grapes stolen by an entire community.

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